Monday, 2 December 2013

A Hundred Hands..Update

The exhibition was called 'Hand Made Collective (IV)', 4th year in a row presenting individuals/ organizations from across India who work with their hands producing lovely apparels, jewelry, decorative objects, art effects, up-cycling products, food varieties,  and almost every thing eco-friendly.  It presented, to my mind, a future model of returning to eco-friendly sustainable life style when we will ultimately exhaust the fossil fuel sources of energy that has put us into the top gear of 'material growth' for the last couple of centuries.

I felt nice being one among these people.

I was presenting to the discerning Bangaloreans Zentangle as an emerging art form that can be learnt by any body (irrespective of their being able to 'draw', or otherwise), and that has the power of impacting their quality of life besides giving them a beautiful piece of art! 

There was a different kind of energy. Every body was abuzz with enthusiasm and appreciations. Seeing our (Malathi's and mine) zentangles and ZIAs some, highly knowledgeable visitors remembered Escher and his arts while most others got fascinated and mesmerized by the 'black and white' beauty.on tiny tiles sprung around on the table. Here are some of the exhibits we had put up:

A few visitors had an opportunity of experiencing the power of concentration and inner calm as they took a micro lesson from me to learn a tangle or two. The visitors came with the back grounds of being teachers, artists, software professionals, finance, marketing and R & D professionals, home makers, students and art connoisseurs.  

My responsibility is to reach out to each and every one of the over 200 registrants who want to attend the one day 'Z-Inspiration' workshops. Largely they will fulfill my commitment to create over 500 zentanglers in India by the end of the calendar year 2014. Perhaps Bangalore could emerge as the zentangle capital of India! 

So, here I welcome each one of these 211 new prospective zentanglers into the fold of this beautiful emerging art form. I request them all to register themselves with this blogsite either as a 'follower', or through e-mail route so that they will be kept updated periodically, and they will merge with the zentangling community smoothly. 

D I L I P  P A T E L

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Hundred Hands..

... That is the name of the organization hosting an exhibition in Bangalore of every thing hand made!

Zentangle too is 'hand made!' as it can not be produced on a machine or a computer. Hence I am taking part in it to expose the zentangle method to the Bangaloreans for the next 4 days. My goal is to create over 500 zentangle practitioners in India in the coming calendar year. Wish me luck.

Here is the Invitation:

I extend this invitation to all my Bangalore friends and well wishers to visit the expo and encourage me.

T H A N K  Y O U  A L L


Monday, 4 November 2013

Power of Zentangle..

..At the hospital.

I was awakened yesterday morning by the sound of my smart phone. A series of pictures were being received from the hospital where my friend Dr. Prabhu's mother was convalescing after a very critical surgery. They had just removed the catheter, and some other tubes from her body, and the first thing she does id start making some zentangle on a tissue paper!

Dr Prabhu's mother learnt zentangle a few months ago being a student of my second batch in Bangalore. She had just gone through, then, a major cancer surgery, chemo, and radiation therapy. She needed an activity which could keep her in the present moment, and hence she had taken up learning zentangle.

She then went away to USA for a few months to spend time with her younger son. She continued tangling in the US, and got her daughter-in-law too interested in zentangle.

She had to be rushed back to India, a couple of weeks ago due to some medical emergency. Investigations and analysis later, she was put under the surgeon's knife. The situation was very tense for the past one week.

And when she comes out, she finds solace in tangling.

I call this as a true z-inspiration!

Here is another picture with her son, Dr Prabhu.

May zentangle keep inspiring people at various critical moments.


Monday, 28 October 2013

Z-Inspiration 5

The value word for this edition is FRIENDLINESS.

How ever, I would like to explore friendliness in conjunction with the earlier value words- gratitude, mindfulness and trust as well, as I believe there are links among them.

So, let us enlist three levels of participation. And you can participate at any level you are comfortable with.

Level A. Create a zentangle/Zia on the theme of FRIENDLINESS.

Choose tangles with names starting from F,R,N,D and S. Provide the names of the tangles used in your blog for others education.

Here is my effort:

Feather fall, Riki Tiki, Nzeppel, Demi and Scrumble as FRNDS!
Clicking on each of these tangle names will take you straight to the steps for the tangles, should you choose to use the same tangles.
I will be very happy if maximum numbers of zentangle enthusiasts attempt this level.

Level B. Explore friendliness through your experiences of trust, gratitude and many other ingredients which create a friendly atmosphere, and connections. Share your stories of such experiences.

Level C. Go through this exercise, and report the outcome of the exercise. The exercise is to make a new friend( an unknown person to you hitherto) at a shopping mall, or any other public platform, and narrate your experience on your blog.

Do visit the z-inspiration 1 to register your inspirations as Z-5 on the linky machine. And if you are new to z-inspiration, you may like to visit all the registered inspirations there. You will love it.

This time I am going to respond to this inspiration from my other blog -

We will keep this inspiration open for 2 weeks.

Happy inspiring each other.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Mumbai Z-I Workshop - 2

On the heels of the first exposure of Zentangles in Mumbai in the first workshop came a request for a shorter version of 3 hours introduction to the methods of Zentangles workshop, and 6 very enthusiastic and charming ladies came in to attend it on 23rd Sept. Once again Meghna was the host at her Crafts studio at her residence at Juhu, Mumbai.

Their first tiles at Mumbai Z-I Workshop 2
It was an experiment with me to create enough interest among the participants while giving them maximum imparting that I could manage within 180 minutes together.

Hiral Kanakia, Prachi Doshi, Vinita Maroo, Lajja Shah, Sonal Punatar and Mitali Maniar at work.

And the feedback words they left behind were the greatest reward for me.
It's a wonderful art and very meditative for sure...I would like to surely learn further as it's an art without any rules and regulations and freedom is my desire, to live life...

Zentangle has shown me and my doodles a path...I don't want to stop here...
For me it was getting engrossed in something unknown to me leading to happiness at the end. Feels like I keep drawing it, create it, churn it again and again to reach at the extreme level...

Zentangle is a new direction for me to go to meditation and get lost in it. I am loving it. It gives me a sense of freedom to do anything I want on paper.
Really enjoyed. Very relaxing, need more time though.

Could never draw, or create anything artistic. Zentangle gave me a newer outlook about myself. Will definitely practice it.
Something very interesting and new concept. Can be easy if your hand remains steady...

I was too engrossed when I was doing it.
Had a very interesting time and learnt a unique art, I have to say.

This is the best meditation technique I can ever do, or think of. I am sure I would be able to take it up in a more advanced and different form of art.

Felt so connected to life. As we feel we can plan life and see things would go the way we want, but after this workshop I felt that we rediscover better things than what we had planned. Go with the Flow!!!

I am so very exhilarated with these feedback and reflections from  my these students. Thank You All.


PS: I will be in Mumbai again between 19th to 24th October, 2013. I will be happy to conduct one or two workshops during this period. Do get in touch with Meghna on her mail id mercyitsme(at)gmail(dot)com.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Z-Inspiration 4

The value word for this edition is TRUST

Dear Visitor,
I have failed so far maintaining regularity in posting new value words for this series of posts under the title 'Z-Inspirations' I did some soul searching, and found that I am expecting too much from the participants, in the sense that the participant has to
a.  Share an incident/event/interesting story about the value word,
b. Go through some experiential process about the value word as I may prescribe, and
c. Create a zentangle/zia on the theme given, using suggested tangles, and post it.

So, while reasonable number of visitors do come in, I found that a very few of you are able to meet all the above three requirements, with the result only few of you are able to create your posts and register them here on this platform.

The confession is that my motivation levels were dwindling. But I am committed to the cause, and hence want to suggest the following for your considered opinion, and increased participation.

1. The prospective participant need not meet all the three criteria, as some of you may not be well versed with the method of zentangle, or you may not like to go through the experiential process as described in point b above, or even if you do go through the process, you may not have a story or experience to share.

2. Hence, what if we open up for the participants to only create zentangle/zia on the theme and post it ignoring points a and b above, or,

3. Write your story/event/experience on the value word given and post it, or

4. Just go through the exercise prescribed and report back on your blog and post it here, or,

5. Combine any two of the above and share with us, and finally,

6. Encourage those who are well versed with attempting all the three, as some of you have already been doing ( ) so, which is our ultimate goal.

The above will open up for more active participation and we all will benefit.May I seek your opinions on this, please?

And as an experiment we try out in this very post, enabling you all to choose your comfort and skill level to participate in any of the above 3 options I have identified.

Now, for this z-inspirations value word, TRUST, following are the inputs:

1. Story: Here is a very small story, but tells all about trust.
Little girl and her father were crossing a bridge.
The father was kind of scared so he asked his little daughter,
'Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don't fall into the river.'
The little girl said, 'No, Dad. You hold my hand.'
'What's the difference?' Asked the puzzled father.
'There's a big difference,' replied the little girl.

'If I hold your hand and something happens to me,
chances are that I may let your hand go.
But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens,
you will never let my hand go.'

In any relationship, the essence of trust is not in its bind, but in its bond. 

So hold the hand of the person who loves you rather than expecting them to hold yours...

This message is too short......but carries a lot of Feelings.
You may also like to click on the following:

2. My own experiential take on trust - In some way my above confession, and coming clean itself is my experiential submission. The regular visitors of this blog have to respond to it!

3. Exercise: For those of you who would like to explore trust for themselves may like to sit in silence and direct their thoughts to a recent episode of trust involving self, and narrate it here in all its details.

4. Zentangle/Zia: With TRUST at heart, create a zentangle, or a ZIA using tangles whose names are embedded in my illustration below.

You may need to go to z-inspiration 1, and register your post on the Linky machine there. 

Thank you for your indulgence, and hope to see you on this blog regularly. Please register yourself as a follower her.


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Z-Inspiration Mumbai Workshop--1

Z-Inspiration workshop debuted in Mumbai on 6th Sept, 2013...

And it was a very satisfying experience.

Priyanka, Leena, Hema and Shweta had the honour of being participants in this very inaugural workshop in Mumbai.

First tiles of the first batch in Mumbai
Priyanka is a Yoga teacher from the Bharat Thakur's tutelage, Shweta is a mehandi artist, Leena is a lawyer and home maker and Hema is a Management graduate and a Life Long Learner!

While expressing their exhileration, Shweta suggested that it shoulid have been a two days tenure while Priyanka said she could go on for another 6 hours! And, perhaps, she did it too after returning to her home as I received in my mail a tile which she finished before mid-night. Leena would like to come back along with the next batch. So, the next batch should get scheduled sooner in Mumbai.

Rachana Kapoor, Claire and Manisha Bhandari are waiting in the wings as they could not make it in the first batch. 

I must place on records here my sincere thanks for the support rendered by Meghna Patel who co-ordinated the whole workshop in Mumbai and permitted to use her lovely residence in Juhu for conducting the workshop.

Priyanka completed this tile before midnight
I request all my students to practice all the tangles taught, and given, and send me by e-mail all the tiles created. I will post them here on thie blogpost till they create their own blogs. Happy tangling.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

This Taste Would Linger on for Life...

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 41; the forty-first edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "SWEET AND SOUR"
 After the four months of untiring labour, Joseph was breathing a sigh of relief, standing outside the compound of the foreign employment agency. He had just handed over his passport, all other documents and visa fees. In less than two weeks time he would be in the Gulf. And soon after he would start sending money home

 ‘So what if I have no sufficient money left in my pocket now for the auto fare to the railway station, as soon as I reach Mumbai, I will borrow some money from the Tailor Master (his childhood friend in the chawl who had grown up to take after his father’s profession)’, lost in such thoughts Joseph headed for the bus stop

 Joseph had lost his father in an accident when he was still in high school in Mumbai. They had to move back to their native place in Kerala and his mother had somehow managed to get him complete his degree.Not getting any job in Kerala for some time,   he came back to Mumbai, stayed with the Tailor Master and began looking for a job. However, luck did not support him. Money his mother had given was fast depleting.

 The period of early ‘80s was an era of his entire God’s Own Countrymen rushing to the gulf wards for greener pastures. He could not remain an exception. He too applied to the agency, investing all the remaining money left with him, and now the final task was completed in Delhi.

 But, it was not to be. Few minutes later Joseph had found himself lying on the footpath, in pain, and all the pedestrians crowding around to see the victim of a hit and run case. A young man had held his head in his lap and was asking the crowd to move away to get fresh air for Joseph. After recovering from the initial shock, Joseph realized that he had just met with an accident when, lost in his thoughts, he was crossing the road. But the most puzzling part was that this young man in whose lap his head was resting, was talking to him in Malayalam, and addressed him as an elder brother taking his name!

 Seeing the puzzled expression on his face, the young man asked, ‘don’t you remember me? I am Mukundan…. Oh, but how will you remember, I had never spoken to you…I was very small then…... and you used to come to our school during lunch time…

’ Joseph started searching for the younger version of this man’s face in his memories. He could recollect that during his own lunch recess, when he would come home for quick lunch, his mother used to send him to this school carrying lunch for his aunt who was a teacher there. He was given cycle hiring charges for this task. But it was strenuous for him to place this boy.

 The young man continued saying that he was on the other side when he saw Joseph crossing the road. One glance and the younger Joseph’s face flashed in his mind who would bring daily at the lunch break fist full of sweet and sour sweetmeats and throw up them in the air for all the children to grab one or two pieces each…It was an instant recognition. Seeing a speeding motorcycle rushing towards him, he simply shouted out his name warning of the accident. But Joseph was lost in his thoughts and the inevitable happened. The motorcyclist knocked him down and sped away. By now Joseph could recall these sweetmeat throwing incidents. He was buying these orange taste sweets from the left over money after paying the cycle rents, and would spend time with younger kids distributing pieces among them as his aunt would finish her lunch. It was all fun for him, but not for young Mukundan. He was so tiny a kid then that most of the time he would not get any sweetmeat piece. Mukundan recalled that Joseph would keep in his pocket a few extra pieces, and press them in his palms specially while leaving the crowd. Little Mukundan had remembered always  being special.

 With moist eyes Mukundan told Joseph, as he still lay in his lap on the footpath, that looking at him he just got back the sweet and sour taste that he had experienced in his mouth years ago.

 Mukundan was presently in Delhi as a student of Architecture, and by coincidence present at that very junction along with his friend who had gone to fetch a taxi to take Joseph to the hospital


 Lying in the hospital bed with his left leg hung in plaster, Joseph did not know whether he should feel happy, or cry. Mukundan’s presence had certainly facilitated his hospitalization in the strange city, and hence, saved his life, but at the same time, he felt like crying as he had lost his opportunity to fly away to Gulf. He had also lost his money as could not connect with his agency in time for refunds.

 6 weeks later, he was permitted by the doctors to travel, and he bade goodbye to Mukundan and boarded the train back to Mumbai. He had no courage to go back to his mother. He was absolutely dejected. Throughout the journey he spoke nothing to nobody. He seemed aged by several years as he walked in to the shop of the Tailor Master.

 After getting him a cup of tea, and a while later, Tailor Master started comforting him. He asked him to start searching for a job in Mumbai afresh, while Joseph was still cursing himself for being so careless on the road in Delhi, and become a cause for his own disaster.

 Suddenly Tailor Master remembered having received a post for Joseph a few weeks’ ago from the employment agency, and he fetched it for him.

 With trembling hands, and hoping against the hopes to find some refund amount along with his passport Joseph opened the packet. While his passport slipped away from his hands, he clutched the accompanying letter as he read the contents. He lay frozen for quite some time.

 No, there was no refund cheque. The letter simply read-

“Your not showing up at the airport on the day of departure turned out to be a great blessing in disguise for you. Two days after landing in Iraq, all the members of the group, of which you were supposed to be a part of, perished in an air raid as war broke out between Iran and Iraq. You are the lone survivor!”

All the dots of his accident, Mukundan’s presence, prolonged hospitalisation and missing the flight got connected. Strangely he felt the sweet and sour taste in his mouth as he smiled for the first time in weeks. He knew, this taste would linger on in his mouth for life!

 D I L I P P A T E L
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Friday, 30 August 2013

Z-Inspiration workshops

I returned from USA couple of days more than a year ago, after an eventful stay in the US for a month. My father's terminal illness had become the cause for my travel, but behind the shadow of this cause was perhaps the act of providence ( pun certainly intended!). My brothers there organised my travels, including to and from Providence, the capital city of Rhodes Island, USA enabling me to attend there the CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher), batch 9 seminar. And above all Rick and Maria, the creators of Zentangle art form and methods,had offered  me a free seat, and further I had the privilege of staying on for the next three days with them at their residence! That was the act of Providence!

I knew, I can not pay it back to my father (who is no more now), my brothers, and Rick and Maria.

So, I thought I must pay it forward, and hence I decided to teach Zentangle art form and methods free of cost to at least 100 people before I initiated paid workshops. And I did fulfill that commitment to myself.

Now let me come to conducting 4 workshops in Bangalore, so far, and recount my limited experience.

Almost all workshops were driven by highly motivated learning enthusiasts who connected with me after getting my e-mail from the CZT directory maintained by Rick and Maria. Some of them traveled from different cities like Kolkata and Hyderabad, and one lady was on a mission in India from USA. Most of them have been ladies.

Here are a few pictures of the workshops done so far, along with some great tiles some of them have produced.

Coimbatore, Punarnava Vaidya Grama : This is an authentic ayurveda hospital set up on an eco-friendly campus on the outskirt of Coimbatore, an industrial city in South India. Patients come here from across the Globe, and stay for a few weeks for wholistic ayurveda treatment. Since the tyreatment may not take more than a couple of hours every day, for the rest of the time they are encouraged to indulge into different activities.

I had an opportunity to introduce to them Zentangle practice at par with any meditative practices. The audience comprised of citizens from several countries and they all took to Zentangle very enthusiastically.

Here are a few pictures:

Bangalore Workshops: We have had 4 workshops so far since April 2013. Here are a few glimpses.

Bangalore Batch 1
Bangalore  Batch 4
Bangalore batch 3 creations
Bangalore batch 4 in progress
Lost in pensive thoughts

Usha, Blr batch 1

Next Workshop in Mumbai:

We are just gearing up to organise our first workshop in Mumbai on 6th Sept, 2013. The day long workshop is called-

"Z-Inspiration, Exploring life through Zentangles".  The participants will have a balanced share of exploration of 'zen', and the 'tangle' parts of life. They will discover a mysterious ability within themselves to create admirable art forms, as well as they will experience the meditative state of mind through the practice of zentangle. The benefits of practicing zentangle are galore, and are captured here in this you tube video -

Please get in touch with me for any further information at my e-mail dilip(dot)patel(at)gmail(dot)com


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Z-Inspiration 3

Welcome to the third edition.

Kindly pardon me for the delay, as the whole concept is in the process of development. I did post a story, though, last week called 'From the Other Side of Silence', which essentially deals with the issue of sustainable living. It is a real story of a young IT professional in Bangalore who is experimenting with a life of an urban farmer. If you have read it, you may like to write your comments please.

Now let us come to this edition's value word.

I am rather tempted to experiment with two words in tandem this time, and both these words you have dealt with in the last two editions. Yes, you have guessed them right. The words are Gratitude and Mindfulness. The beauty will lie in exploring these two values together!

They say, and I have learnt that any single value by itself is more of an academic value. What transforms into behavior is a combination of a few values commonly connected with the context. One of the values, though, will dominate, and we  attribute all the virtues to that particular value. When two operative values become dominant, the combination becomes very powerful.

Stories: Let me quote two examples.

The first one relates to my visit to Iran, a little over 10 years ago. My host, Dr Osquie, came to pick me up at the airport with his family. They had worked out various plans to take me to different hotels, different locations for lunches and dinners while attending to the business for which I had paid a visit. However, my very first lunch at their residence put them into a great difficulty when I declared that I was totally vegetarian. Husband and wife looked at each other for a few moments, and the whole week's plans changed. They became so mindful for the next 7 days, till I left their country, that Mrs Osquie searched out a cook book for vegetarian cuisine, sourced and purchased grains, pulses, vegetables etc and the whole family became vegetarian for the week for my sake. 8 year old Niatus (their son) and 17 year old daughter, Mahsa, too were persuaded by their parents to remain vegetarian. Every moment they were mindful of my needs.

This gesture generated so much of gratitude in me for the whole family, that we became friends for life.

The second story is similar in certain respects. August 16 to 19 last year (2012), soon after CZT 9 workshop in Rhodes Island, I had the honor of staying with Maria and Rick, the creators of Zentangle, at their lovely residence. Both of them, so lovingly became mindful of my vegetarianism and gave me a fantastic treat. Maria cooked vegetarian meals and Rick took me specially to an Indian restaurant for a great vegetarian  lunch. Once again, it generated a great amount of gratitude in me. I must say, I share a special equation with them now.

These are the stories of mindfulness creating gratitude, however, if both these values are practiced together, what could be the outcome? I suggest, please try this out for the next couple of days, and report it in your post while you create your zentangle/zia using tangles having names from M and G. You may explore for different tangles with M and G.

You will have to go back to z-inspiration 1 to register your post on Linky machine.


Sunday, 4 August 2013

From the Other Side of Silence

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 40; the fortieth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following <a href="">Blog-a-Ton</a>. The theme for the month is "MAKE A WISH"

'We are sowing rice, the native variety, which does not require much water. Would you like to join in the morning?'

The invitation was exciting, because it was not from a normal village farmer, it was from an IT professional in the city of Bangalore(the so called silicon valley of India!),who would like to call himself an 'urban farmer', and who has taken a patch of land on rent, in the middle of the sprawling city. And I must add here, he is doing all kinds of crazy things on it.

'What about your office tomorrow? I asked him, knowing it was not his usual Saturday/Sunday.' And he replied from the other end of the phone, 'yeah... but Nature can not wait.., and being the boss myself, I can enjoy such luxuries...'. The matter was settled. Both, my wife and I being  retired people, we had no bindings of the 'working days'. We agreed to spend the day with them on their piece of land.

 We had started getting fond of this young family ever since we had met them. His below 10 years old two kids, his wife, and Badri had shown us with pride their little kitchen garden in their 4 ft by 10 ft balcony in their 2BHK flat on the World Kitchen Day last year (WKD is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of August ). In small pots they had cultivated some vegetable plants, greens, and some herbs. Their enthusiasm was contagious. Badri had informed us that he was an IT professional and was running his own IT consultancy firm.

Months passed by, and one day he informed us that he has taken on lease some 3000 sq. ft of farm land just in the vicinity. We were amused.

A few weeks later Badri came home with his first crop of some brinjals and palak. He informed us that the vegetables were grown by him organically. He was excited. Our desire had grown to visit his farm, and this call from him would make it happen.


I went off to sleep, and slipped into my childhood. More than half a century ago, I saw myself as a member of a struggling family in a village. Grandpa would inform us that we had lost all our farm land to the actual tillers under the tillers as owners law after the Independence. Education was the only property he could give us.

I recalled, as an engineering student I had come to Bangalore in early '70s on our Industrial study tour, and how a wish had just crossed my mind- 'How wonderful would it be to settle down in this city!'

The wish came true and I became resident of this city since the last 40 years! The rural environment faded away from the memory and an Industrial, modern city dwelling engulfed us, we did not realise. By the time we retired, I could only remotely call myself as a far more former farmer's grandson.


In the morning we followed in our car Badri and his wife on their scooter. We reached his patch of land within less than 2 km drive. We saw by the side of this land the most modern express way running . Badri informed us that the owner of the land got good compensation for losing a part of his land to the road construction. His cows, and  coconut and banana trees fetch him enough for his livelihood. He had neglected the remaining land.

However, when Badri had approached the land owner for leasing him out a piece, first time, he had made fun of this guy in his IT attire. He asked Badri to come back after 3 months, if his madness was still alive. Badri approached him again after 3 days, and was rejected saying you laptop culture guys can not understand a farmer's life. Badri went again with his wife, and the owner relented giving him the 3000 sq.ft piece.

The owner watched Badri's family struggling for 15 days cleaning up all the bushes and unevenness of the plot given to him rejecting a paid labour help. At every stage initially the owner questioned Badri's ways, and waited when Badri would quit! But Badri was not a quitter. He would go all over remote places in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu etc to learn all about organic farming.

So, when the first crop of organic vegetables were harvested, without using chemicals, the owner became friendly. Badri gave his old laptop to the owner's son who was going to college, and the owner became Badri's fan. Out of joy and appreciation the owner offered the adjoining bigger patch to make the plot size to about 10000 sq.ft.  Badri is going to sow the native variety of rice, peanuts and some Ragi in the additional patch. Badri says he will get 60-70 kg of rice from this sowing. His dream is to become self sufficient in terms of his family's food and vegetable needs.

We watched Badri run around organising water flow into the tilled plot using mannual implements while his wife harvested fresh palak, methi and some other vegetables for us.

It was noon now, and Badri's wife left on the scooter to fetch her sons from the school. Children came running into the field and started playing with the mud and water streams. They located broken coconut shell and made a boat to let it float in the stream.

I fell silent, almost lost into these children's innocent existence. Remembered how our children grew up with computers and jailed existence within four walls in the city. The entire four decades of our life passed by in front of my eyes, and brought me back to that day on which as a young, to be an engineer, I had made a wish. A thought crossed, if I have to live my life once again, and make a wish again,. what would it be?

Instantly, my inner voice from the other side of silence spoke up- I would like to live Badri's life. My children playing in the fields, making paper boats and float them in water in rains, grow some grains and vegetables by our own hands and live a simple natural life... for what ever reasons..

Dilip Patel

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A New Tangle SIRD..

Born during the process of MINDFUL eating!

Yes. It was during the period when I had just posted the z-inspiration 2 post on the theme of mindfulness. I was having my lunch practicing mindfulness at the State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD in short)  on the outskirts of Shillong, a picturesque capital of Meghalaya in North East region of India.

Remaining in the present moment, I realized that I grew more aware of my surroundings, noticing every thing around. Suddenly my eyes went to the roof of the dining hall, and I was struck by the beauty of the lovely patterns on the ceiling. Here is a picture.

It took little time for me to deconstruct the pattern, and I decided to call it SIRD in memory of the institute where we had gone to train the 'Gram Sevaks/Sevikas', the grass root mechanisms ( contact people) of the governance.

Here are the instructions:

I checked through the patterns on, and I found SIRD looks closer to Tesali by Helena, but the approach is different. Please give your feed back.


PS: Now that you are here, do explore this new blog z-inspiration for giving expression to the meditative experiences from practicing zentangles.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Z-Inspiration 2 Mindfulness

Welcome to this second post on the theme of exploring meditative experiences through practicing zentangle. If you are new to this blog, you may like to visit the welcome, and the z-inspiration 1 posts too.

The value word I want to propose this fortnight is MINDFULNESS.

Let us explore this term - 'mindfulness'


If this was your first experience of watching this video, you would understand as to how when our attention is not there, we miss out things. When the mind is pre-occupied with something, we miss out other important things happening around.

Being mindful would mean being aware of the happenings around. Being in the present moment. Letting our senses get sharpened.

Practicing zentangle could help us in enhancing our mindfulness.

So, this fortnight, create a zentangle, or a ZIA practicing mindfulness. Choose a period of, say, 3 hours during which you will be doing your zentangle. Let your ears be sharp enough to capture every sound your movements will be making. Pay specific attention to 'reduce' those sounds out of your awareness. Record your experience in your blog/journal. Share it with us along with your resultant zentangle. You may choose tangles from the, the first letter of which begin with any, or some, or all of M,I,N,D,F,U,L. Do mention in your blogs the tangles used for the benefit of  viewers.

Here is my zentangle, in the shape of the brain (!!?) :-D. I have used ,

Mi2, IX, Inapod, Nzeppel, D-vine, DL Sunray, Fanz, Unme, Up and Across, and La Bel.

You will have to go back to the post z-inspiration 1 for registering your URL in the Linkiy machine there.We will continue along with the posts on GRATITUDE.

Happy Tangling, mindfully.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Z-Inspiration 1

Welcome to this first edition of creating meditative expressions through practicing zentangle.

Let us begin with exploring 'Value word' GRATITUDE in this edition.

I am sure  that every one in this world has some one or the other to be grateful to. This person would have  done some significant 'good' to us in the past , without any expectation or conditions. In fact when I give this as an exercise in my workshops, participants come back with a long list of people in their lives who have done a lot of self-less good to them. We call this as 'page 1' entries in the 'Life Balance Sheet'  These names,when remembered mindfully, induce a sense of gratitude.

The exercise therefore ,  is to create  the "Page 1" of your life balance sheet and fill it up with the names of the people who have done good to you without any conditions or expectation. Invoke within you , a sense of gratitude and go ahead and do what your inner guidance suggests.

I have several stories of many such people who feature on  my "Life Balance Sheet - Page 1" !

Here is the one story about a total stranger in my life whom I am extremely grateful to. I was told, by my mother , that I was a very sickly child .... and that when I was about two years old , I had developed a very bloated stomach, and my hands and legs had become very thin. It was in the early 1950s , with not much medical specialization in India . Doctors , who were treating me had given up any hope of my survival.

I have used here both, Girdy as well as Golven

One day a Sufi saint was passing by our home in the village. He saw me squatted next to my mother who was perhaps cleaning vessels or washing clothes. The saint stopped for a while on the road, to listen to my mother's anguished story , consoled her asking her to have faith in the Almighty . He reassured her by saying that strange are the ways of the higher powers that be and he wil always help his devotees.  He pulled out a talisman and tied it on my arm... and for the first time in my life ,my mother said , I smiled ! After that incident , I started recovering rapidly , and am still alive after 61 years! Though I have never seen him, I owe him my life.

So, now, if you have a story, please share it here.... and with an attitude of gratitude create a zentangle. We suggest you may like to use  tangles GIRDY and/or GOLVEN  from  as main tangle. You have time till 14th July, after which a new value word will be released. So, hurry!

Happy Tangling!


PS: This blog site is still a work in progress. Please await z-Tutorials for the newcomers. Keep checking out often. Register yourselves on this blog to receive info in your mail. Thanks.


Sunday, 30 June 2013


This blog is born out of the confluence of two streams of thoughts, transformed into inspirations.

The first stream emanates from Zentangle®, an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images using repetitive patterns. It provides an easy to learn method of relaxed focus which can be done almost anywhere, alone or in groups, without any special abilities or costly equipment..... you just need a paper , pen and a desire to try and experience this process. 

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas from USA created this art form and are popularizing it across the continents not only as an art form but also as an aid to enhance the quality of life. On-going research has established that practicing zentangle gives the same benefits as derived from practicing meditation!


I had the honor of staying with Rick and Maria in August 2012, and undergoing their certification workshop in the US to become the first CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) from India. The thought there for was to spread this meditative art form across the length and breadth of India.

The second stream of thought comes from a conversation with an environmentalist, an avid photographer and a good friend, Nadarajah, who lives  in Malaysia. He suggested that I  get connected with their  'Global Center for the Study of Sustainable Futures and Spirituality (GC-SSFS)', and facilitate the GC-SSFS  members ( and other visitors too by default:-) ) to explore the  benefits of practicing Zentangles.

Essentially I wish to create this blog as a platform for all the Zentangle enthusiasts, world over, to share their Zentangles or (Zentangle Inspired Art ( ZIA for short) ,along with their stories about how their life has been impacted by the practice of Zentangles.

The mode will be a fortnightly invitation to create a zentangle or a ZIA triggered by a given value-word connecting the human conscience at a higher level. The process will be to contemplate on the word given , and get inspired to create a  Zentangle using some of the suggested patterns. The viewers then can post their creations here ,  share their thoughts, feelings and stories that emerged when they were in the process of creating the Zentangle.

I will be calling this as  'z-inspiration' series

For the new comers to the art-form of Zentangle, we will also offer mini tutorials to encourage them to practice Zentangles .

 I will be calling it as 'z-tutorials' series   

Since this blog is still a work in progress, you may find changes happening here for some time. Your suggestions are welcome.

So, welcome aboard on this blog site to create and explore, together, a better and more sustainable futures for all living beings.


PS: The first edition of z-inspiration is on. Click here.


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