Sunday, 30 June 2013


This blog is born out of the confluence of two streams of thoughts, transformed into inspirations.

The first stream emanates from Zentangle®, an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images using repetitive patterns. It provides an easy to learn method of relaxed focus which can be done almost anywhere, alone or in groups, without any special abilities or costly equipment..... you just need a paper , pen and a desire to try and experience this process. 

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas from USA created this art form and are popularizing it across the continents not only as an art form but also as an aid to enhance the quality of life. On-going research has established that practicing zentangle gives the same benefits as derived from practicing meditation!


I had the honor of staying with Rick and Maria in August 2012, and undergoing their certification workshop in the US to become the first CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) from India. The thought there for was to spread this meditative art form across the length and breadth of India.

The second stream of thought comes from a conversation with an environmentalist, an avid photographer and a good friend, Nadarajah, who lives  in Malaysia. He suggested that I  get connected with their  'Global Center for the Study of Sustainable Futures and Spirituality (GC-SSFS)', and facilitate the GC-SSFS  members ( and other visitors too by default:-) ) to explore the  benefits of practicing Zentangles.

Essentially I wish to create this blog as a platform for all the Zentangle enthusiasts, world over, to share their Zentangles or (Zentangle Inspired Art ( ZIA for short) ,along with their stories about how their life has been impacted by the practice of Zentangles.

The mode will be a fortnightly invitation to create a zentangle or a ZIA triggered by a given value-word connecting the human conscience at a higher level. The process will be to contemplate on the word given , and get inspired to create a  Zentangle using some of the suggested patterns. The viewers then can post their creations here ,  share their thoughts, feelings and stories that emerged when they were in the process of creating the Zentangle.

I will be calling this as  'z-inspiration' series

For the new comers to the art-form of Zentangle, we will also offer mini tutorials to encourage them to practice Zentangles .

 I will be calling it as 'z-tutorials' series   

Since this blog is still a work in progress, you may find changes happening here for some time. Your suggestions are welcome.

So, welcome aboard on this blog site to create and explore, together, a better and more sustainable futures for all living beings.


PS: The first edition of z-inspiration is on. Click here.


  1. What a wonderful idea you have for your new blog. I read it and when I have a little time, I may submit a story of gratitude and a zentangle tile or a ZIA.

  2. It is amaising how zentangles have taken "my hand". I love to draw them. I have, too, an own blog for them.
    Best wishes to You new blog.

    Your zentangle with Birdie feet is very nice.

  3. Dilip......what an inspiring idea!! I am big into words, poetry, and zentangles so I really love the concept you have created with your z-inspiration! I am in!! And congratulations on being the first CZT in will do quite well, I am sure!!!

  4. Can I subscribe to your blog. Didn'the see where. I love your work.

    1. You can subscribe at the 'followers' column on the right side. I will change the format for sometime to facilitate you. thanks for the kind words. welcome to my world of Z-Inspiration.


Your comments are most welcome. Remember, a thought shared is an expansion of knowledge through many. Thank you.


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