Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A New Tangle SIRD..

Born during the process of MINDFUL eating!

Yes. It was during the period when I had just posted the z-inspiration 2 post on the theme of mindfulness. I was having my lunch practicing mindfulness at the State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD in short)  on the outskirts of Shillong, a picturesque capital of Meghalaya in North East region of India.

Remaining in the present moment, I realized that I grew more aware of my surroundings, noticing every thing around. Suddenly my eyes went to the roof of the dining hall, and I was struck by the beauty of the lovely patterns on the ceiling. Here is a picture.

It took little time for me to deconstruct the pattern, and I decided to call it SIRD in memory of the institute where we had gone to train the 'Gram Sevaks/Sevikas', the grass root mechanisms ( contact people) of the governance.

Here are the instructions:

I checked through the patterns on, and I found SIRD looks closer to Tesali by Helena, but the approach is different. Please give your feed back.


PS: Now that you are here, do explore this new blog z-inspiration for giving expression to the meditative experiences from practicing zentangles.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Z-Inspiration 2 Mindfulness

Welcome to this second post on the theme of exploring meditative experiences through practicing zentangle. If you are new to this blog, you may like to visit the welcome, and the z-inspiration 1 posts too.

The value word I want to propose this fortnight is MINDFULNESS.

Let us explore this term - 'mindfulness'


If this was your first experience of watching this video, you would understand as to how when our attention is not there, we miss out things. When the mind is pre-occupied with something, we miss out other important things happening around.

Being mindful would mean being aware of the happenings around. Being in the present moment. Letting our senses get sharpened.

Practicing zentangle could help us in enhancing our mindfulness.

So, this fortnight, create a zentangle, or a ZIA practicing mindfulness. Choose a period of, say, 3 hours during which you will be doing your zentangle. Let your ears be sharp enough to capture every sound your movements will be making. Pay specific attention to 'reduce' those sounds out of your awareness. Record your experience in your blog/journal. Share it with us along with your resultant zentangle. You may choose tangles from the, the first letter of which begin with any, or some, or all of M,I,N,D,F,U,L. Do mention in your blogs the tangles used for the benefit of  viewers.

Here is my zentangle, in the shape of the brain (!!?) :-D. I have used ,

Mi2, IX, Inapod, Nzeppel, D-vine, DL Sunray, Fanz, Unme, Up and Across, and La Bel.

You will have to go back to the post z-inspiration 1 for registering your URL in the Linkiy machine there.We will continue along with the posts on GRATITUDE.

Happy Tangling, mindfully.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Z-Inspiration 1

Welcome to this first edition of creating meditative expressions through practicing zentangle.

Let us begin with exploring 'Value word' GRATITUDE in this edition.

I am sure  that every one in this world has some one or the other to be grateful to. This person would have  done some significant 'good' to us in the past , without any expectation or conditions. In fact when I give this as an exercise in my workshops, participants come back with a long list of people in their lives who have done a lot of self-less good to them. We call this as 'page 1' entries in the 'Life Balance Sheet'  These names,when remembered mindfully, induce a sense of gratitude.

The exercise therefore ,  is to create  the "Page 1" of your life balance sheet and fill it up with the names of the people who have done good to you without any conditions or expectation. Invoke within you , a sense of gratitude and go ahead and do what your inner guidance suggests.

I have several stories of many such people who feature on  my "Life Balance Sheet - Page 1" !

Here is the one story about a total stranger in my life whom I am extremely grateful to. I was told, by my mother , that I was a very sickly child .... and that when I was about two years old , I had developed a very bloated stomach, and my hands and legs had become very thin. It was in the early 1950s , with not much medical specialization in India . Doctors , who were treating me had given up any hope of my survival.

I have used here both, Girdy as well as Golven

One day a Sufi saint was passing by our home in the village. He saw me squatted next to my mother who was perhaps cleaning vessels or washing clothes. The saint stopped for a while on the road, to listen to my mother's anguished story , consoled her asking her to have faith in the Almighty . He reassured her by saying that strange are the ways of the higher powers that be and he wil always help his devotees.  He pulled out a talisman and tied it on my arm... and for the first time in my life ,my mother said , I smiled ! After that incident , I started recovering rapidly , and am still alive after 61 years! Though I have never seen him, I owe him my life.

So, now, if you have a story, please share it here.... and with an attitude of gratitude create a zentangle. We suggest you may like to use  tangles GIRDY and/or GOLVEN  from  as main tangle. You have time till 14th July, after which a new value word will be released. So, hurry!

Happy Tangling!


PS: This blog site is still a work in progress. Please await z-Tutorials for the newcomers. Keep checking out often. Register yourselves on this blog to receive info in your mail. Thanks.



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