Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A New Tangle SIRD..

Born during the process of MINDFUL eating!

Yes. It was during the period when I had just posted the z-inspiration 2 post on the theme of mindfulness. I was having my lunch practicing mindfulness at the State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD in short)  on the outskirts of Shillong, a picturesque capital of Meghalaya in North East region of India.

Remaining in the present moment, I realized that I grew more aware of my surroundings, noticing every thing around. Suddenly my eyes went to the roof of the dining hall, and I was struck by the beauty of the lovely patterns on the ceiling. Here is a picture.

It took little time for me to deconstruct the pattern, and I decided to call it SIRD in memory of the institute where we had gone to train the 'Gram Sevaks/Sevikas', the grass root mechanisms ( contact people) of the governance.

Here are the instructions:

I checked through the patterns on, and I found SIRD looks closer to Tesali by Helena, but the approach is different. Please give your feed back.


PS: Now that you are here, do explore this new blog z-inspiration for giving expression to the meditative experiences from practicing zentangles.


  1. I've really like this pattern. It's a lot like Tesali, but I think I like your steps better as Tesali has lines through the middles. I'll have to try this soon. Good work!

  2. Your steps are very good: simple and easy to follow, while still yielding a great result. Thanks for SIRD.

  3. A great tangle Dilip! I think it is as a tangle should be: easy to draw with not many lines. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. Love the new tangle, Dilip!! and great story about your Make a wish!

  5. love the new tangle SIRD and really enjoying your blog. Thanks for posting and for the video tutorial.


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