Thursday, 18 July 2013

Z-Inspiration 2 Mindfulness

Welcome to this second post on the theme of exploring meditative experiences through practicing zentangle. If you are new to this blog, you may like to visit the welcome, and the z-inspiration 1 posts too.

The value word I want to propose this fortnight is MINDFULNESS.

Let us explore this term - 'mindfulness'


If this was your first experience of watching this video, you would understand as to how when our attention is not there, we miss out things. When the mind is pre-occupied with something, we miss out other important things happening around.

Being mindful would mean being aware of the happenings around. Being in the present moment. Letting our senses get sharpened.

Practicing zentangle could help us in enhancing our mindfulness.

So, this fortnight, create a zentangle, or a ZIA practicing mindfulness. Choose a period of, say, 3 hours during which you will be doing your zentangle. Let your ears be sharp enough to capture every sound your movements will be making. Pay specific attention to 'reduce' those sounds out of your awareness. Record your experience in your blog/journal. Share it with us along with your resultant zentangle. You may choose tangles from the, the first letter of which begin with any, or some, or all of M,I,N,D,F,U,L. Do mention in your blogs the tangles used for the benefit of  viewers.

Here is my zentangle, in the shape of the brain (!!?) :-D. I have used ,

Mi2, IX, Inapod, Nzeppel, D-vine, DL Sunray, Fanz, Unme, Up and Across, and La Bel.

You will have to go back to the post z-inspiration 1 for registering your URL in the Linkiy machine there.We will continue along with the posts on GRATITUDE.

Happy Tangling, mindfully.



  1. Thanks, Dilip! I was getting a little worried when there were no new posts from you for awhile!!! I love your zentangle and I am fond of the idea of using "first" letters to decide what tangles to use! I will try your idea of "M",then "I" etc. Again, I appreciate this new this time in my life I am in need of something personal and meditative!

    1. Thanks Jay for finding my efforts meaningful. I have been travelling, and there was a problem with internet connectivity. Hence the delay. I am awaiting your post with story and your creation.

  2. I also appreciate this new blog and have been looking forward to your second post in the series. I fear that I wasn't completely in the present moment when I worked on my piece--I kept thinking of what pattern I would do next!


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