Thursday, 8 August 2013

Z-Inspiration 3

Welcome to the third edition.

Kindly pardon me for the delay, as the whole concept is in the process of development. I did post a story, though, last week called 'From the Other Side of Silence', which essentially deals with the issue of sustainable living. It is a real story of a young IT professional in Bangalore who is experimenting with a life of an urban farmer. If you have read it, you may like to write your comments please.

Now let us come to this edition's value word.

I am rather tempted to experiment with two words in tandem this time, and both these words you have dealt with in the last two editions. Yes, you have guessed them right. The words are Gratitude and Mindfulness. The beauty will lie in exploring these two values together!

They say, and I have learnt that any single value by itself is more of an academic value. What transforms into behavior is a combination of a few values commonly connected with the context. One of the values, though, will dominate, and we  attribute all the virtues to that particular value. When two operative values become dominant, the combination becomes very powerful.

Stories: Let me quote two examples.

The first one relates to my visit to Iran, a little over 10 years ago. My host, Dr Osquie, came to pick me up at the airport with his family. They had worked out various plans to take me to different hotels, different locations for lunches and dinners while attending to the business for which I had paid a visit. However, my very first lunch at their residence put them into a great difficulty when I declared that I was totally vegetarian. Husband and wife looked at each other for a few moments, and the whole week's plans changed. They became so mindful for the next 7 days, till I left their country, that Mrs Osquie searched out a cook book for vegetarian cuisine, sourced and purchased grains, pulses, vegetables etc and the whole family became vegetarian for the week for my sake. 8 year old Niatus (their son) and 17 year old daughter, Mahsa, too were persuaded by their parents to remain vegetarian. Every moment they were mindful of my needs.

This gesture generated so much of gratitude in me for the whole family, that we became friends for life.

The second story is similar in certain respects. August 16 to 19 last year (2012), soon after CZT 9 workshop in Rhodes Island, I had the honor of staying with Maria and Rick, the creators of Zentangle, at their lovely residence. Both of them, so lovingly became mindful of my vegetarianism and gave me a fantastic treat. Maria cooked vegetarian meals and Rick took me specially to an Indian restaurant for a great vegetarian  lunch. Once again, it generated a great amount of gratitude in me. I must say, I share a special equation with them now.

These are the stories of mindfulness creating gratitude, however, if both these values are practiced together, what could be the outcome? I suggest, please try this out for the next couple of days, and report it in your post while you create your zentangle/zia using tangles having names from M and G. You may explore for different tangles with M and G.

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