Friday, 30 August 2013

Z-Inspiration workshops

I returned from USA couple of days more than a year ago, after an eventful stay in the US for a month. My father's terminal illness had become the cause for my travel, but behind the shadow of this cause was perhaps the act of providence ( pun certainly intended!). My brothers there organised my travels, including to and from Providence, the capital city of Rhodes Island, USA enabling me to attend there the CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher), batch 9 seminar. And above all Rick and Maria, the creators of Zentangle art form and methods,had offered  me a free seat, and further I had the privilege of staying on for the next three days with them at their residence! That was the act of Providence!

I knew, I can not pay it back to my father (who is no more now), my brothers, and Rick and Maria.

So, I thought I must pay it forward, and hence I decided to teach Zentangle art form and methods free of cost to at least 100 people before I initiated paid workshops. And I did fulfill that commitment to myself.

Now let me come to conducting 4 workshops in Bangalore, so far, and recount my limited experience.

Almost all workshops were driven by highly motivated learning enthusiasts who connected with me after getting my e-mail from the CZT directory maintained by Rick and Maria. Some of them traveled from different cities like Kolkata and Hyderabad, and one lady was on a mission in India from USA. Most of them have been ladies.

Here are a few pictures of the workshops done so far, along with some great tiles some of them have produced.

Coimbatore, Punarnava Vaidya Grama : This is an authentic ayurveda hospital set up on an eco-friendly campus on the outskirt of Coimbatore, an industrial city in South India. Patients come here from across the Globe, and stay for a few weeks for wholistic ayurveda treatment. Since the tyreatment may not take more than a couple of hours every day, for the rest of the time they are encouraged to indulge into different activities.

I had an opportunity to introduce to them Zentangle practice at par with any meditative practices. The audience comprised of citizens from several countries and they all took to Zentangle very enthusiastically.

Here are a few pictures:

Bangalore Workshops: We have had 4 workshops so far since April 2013. Here are a few glimpses.

Bangalore Batch 1
Bangalore  Batch 4
Bangalore batch 3 creations
Bangalore batch 4 in progress
Lost in pensive thoughts

Usha, Blr batch 1

Next Workshop in Mumbai:

We are just gearing up to organise our first workshop in Mumbai on 6th Sept, 2013. The day long workshop is called-

"Z-Inspiration, Exploring life through Zentangles".  The participants will have a balanced share of exploration of 'zen', and the 'tangle' parts of life. They will discover a mysterious ability within themselves to create admirable art forms, as well as they will experience the meditative state of mind through the practice of zentangle. The benefits of practicing zentangle are galore, and are captured here in this you tube video -

Please get in touch with me for any further information at my e-mail dilip(dot)patel(at)gmail(dot)com


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