Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Mumbai Z-I Workshop - 2

On the heels of the first exposure of Zentangles in Mumbai in the first workshop came a request for a shorter version of 3 hours introduction to the methods of Zentangles workshop, and 6 very enthusiastic and charming ladies came in to attend it on 23rd Sept. Once again Meghna was the host at her Crafts studio at her residence at Juhu, Mumbai.

Their first tiles at Mumbai Z-I Workshop 2
It was an experiment with me to create enough interest among the participants while giving them maximum imparting that I could manage within 180 minutes together.

Hiral Kanakia, Prachi Doshi, Vinita Maroo, Lajja Shah, Sonal Punatar and Mitali Maniar at work.

And the feedback words they left behind were the greatest reward for me.
It's a wonderful art and very meditative for sure...I would like to surely learn further as it's an art without any rules and regulations and freedom is my desire, to live life...

Zentangle has shown me and my doodles a path...I don't want to stop here...
For me it was getting engrossed in something unknown to me leading to happiness at the end. Feels like I keep drawing it, create it, churn it again and again to reach at the extreme level...

Zentangle is a new direction for me to go to meditation and get lost in it. I am loving it. It gives me a sense of freedom to do anything I want on paper.
Really enjoyed. Very relaxing, need more time though.

Could never draw, or create anything artistic. Zentangle gave me a newer outlook about myself. Will definitely practice it.
Something very interesting and new concept. Can be easy if your hand remains steady...

I was too engrossed when I was doing it.
Had a very interesting time and learnt a unique art, I have to say.

This is the best meditation technique I can ever do, or think of. I am sure I would be able to take it up in a more advanced and different form of art.

Felt so connected to life. As we feel we can plan life and see things would go the way we want, but after this workshop I felt that we rediscover better things than what we had planned. Go with the Flow!!!

I am so very exhilarated with these feedback and reflections from  my these students. Thank You All.


PS: I will be in Mumbai again between 19th to 24th October, 2013. I will be happy to conduct one or two workshops during this period. Do get in touch with Meghna on her mail id mercyitsme(at)gmail(dot)com.

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