Sunday, 8 September 2013

Z-Inspiration Mumbai Workshop--1

Z-Inspiration workshop debuted in Mumbai on 6th Sept, 2013...

And it was a very satisfying experience.

Priyanka, Leena, Hema and Shweta had the honour of being participants in this very inaugural workshop in Mumbai.

First tiles of the first batch in Mumbai
Priyanka is a Yoga teacher from the Bharat Thakur's tutelage, Shweta is a mehandi artist, Leena is a lawyer and home maker and Hema is a Management graduate and a Life Long Learner!

While expressing their exhileration, Shweta suggested that it shoulid have been a two days tenure while Priyanka said she could go on for another 6 hours! And, perhaps, she did it too after returning to her home as I received in my mail a tile which she finished before mid-night. Leena would like to come back along with the next batch. So, the next batch should get scheduled sooner in Mumbai.

Rachana Kapoor, Claire and Manisha Bhandari are waiting in the wings as they could not make it in the first batch. 

I must place on records here my sincere thanks for the support rendered by Meghna Patel who co-ordinated the whole workshop in Mumbai and permitted to use her lovely residence in Juhu for conducting the workshop.

Priyanka completed this tile before midnight
I request all my students to practice all the tangles taught, and given, and send me by e-mail all the tiles created. I will post them here on thie blogpost till they create their own blogs. Happy tangling.


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