Monday, 28 October 2013

Z-Inspiration 5

The value word for this edition is FRIENDLINESS.

How ever, I would like to explore friendliness in conjunction with the earlier value words- gratitude, mindfulness and trust as well, as I believe there are links among them.

So, let us enlist three levels of participation. And you can participate at any level you are comfortable with.

Level A. Create a zentangle/Zia on the theme of FRIENDLINESS.

Choose tangles with names starting from F,R,N,D and S. Provide the names of the tangles used in your blog for others education.

Here is my effort:

Feather fall, Riki Tiki, Nzeppel, Demi and Scrumble as FRNDS!
Clicking on each of these tangle names will take you straight to the steps for the tangles, should you choose to use the same tangles.
I will be very happy if maximum numbers of zentangle enthusiasts attempt this level.

Level B. Explore friendliness through your experiences of trust, gratitude and many other ingredients which create a friendly atmosphere, and connections. Share your stories of such experiences.

Level C. Go through this exercise, and report the outcome of the exercise. The exercise is to make a new friend( an unknown person to you hitherto) at a shopping mall, or any other public platform, and narrate your experience on your blog.

Do visit the z-inspiration 1 to register your inspirations as Z-5 on the linky machine. And if you are new to z-inspiration, you may like to visit all the registered inspirations there. You will love it.

This time I am going to respond to this inspiration from my other blog -

We will keep this inspiration open for 2 weeks.

Happy inspiring each other.


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  1. Your Danger Zone tiles are fantastic! Glad to have found your blog... I love Zentangle, love India (I have been there a few time and have family in Karala), and I am loving your Z-inspirations!!! Thank you!!!


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