Monday, 4 November 2013

Power of Zentangle..

..At the hospital.

I was awakened yesterday morning by the sound of my smart phone. A series of pictures were being received from the hospital where my friend Dr. Prabhu's mother was convalescing after a very critical surgery. They had just removed the catheter, and some other tubes from her body, and the first thing she does id start making some zentangle on a tissue paper!

Dr Prabhu's mother learnt zentangle a few months ago being a student of my second batch in Bangalore. She had just gone through, then, a major cancer surgery, chemo, and radiation therapy. She needed an activity which could keep her in the present moment, and hence she had taken up learning zentangle.

She then went away to USA for a few months to spend time with her younger son. She continued tangling in the US, and got her daughter-in-law too interested in zentangle.

She had to be rushed back to India, a couple of weeks ago due to some medical emergency. Investigations and analysis later, she was put under the surgeon's knife. The situation was very tense for the past one week.

And when she comes out, she finds solace in tangling.

I call this as a true z-inspiration!

Here is another picture with her son, Dr Prabhu.

May zentangle keep inspiring people at various critical moments.


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  1. What a moving story Dilip. Again we see what a blessing Zentangle can be, what comfort it can give.
    My thoughts are with this lady and I send her love and light.


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