Monday, 2 December 2013

A Hundred Hands..Update

The exhibition was called 'Hand Made Collective (IV)', 4th year in a row presenting individuals/ organizations from across India who work with their hands producing lovely apparels, jewelry, decorative objects, art effects, up-cycling products, food varieties,  and almost every thing eco-friendly.  It presented, to my mind, a future model of returning to eco-friendly sustainable life style when we will ultimately exhaust the fossil fuel sources of energy that has put us into the top gear of 'material growth' for the last couple of centuries.

I felt nice being one among these people.

I was presenting to the discerning Bangaloreans Zentangle as an emerging art form that can be learnt by any body (irrespective of their being able to 'draw', or otherwise), and that has the power of impacting their quality of life besides giving them a beautiful piece of art! 

There was a different kind of energy. Every body was abuzz with enthusiasm and appreciations. Seeing our (Malathi's and mine) zentangles and ZIAs some, highly knowledgeable visitors remembered Escher and his arts while most others got fascinated and mesmerized by the 'black and white' beauty.on tiny tiles sprung around on the table. Here are some of the exhibits we had put up:

A few visitors had an opportunity of experiencing the power of concentration and inner calm as they took a micro lesson from me to learn a tangle or two. The visitors came with the back grounds of being teachers, artists, software professionals, finance, marketing and R & D professionals, home makers, students and art connoisseurs.  

My responsibility is to reach out to each and every one of the over 200 registrants who want to attend the one day 'Z-Inspiration' workshops. Largely they will fulfill my commitment to create over 500 zentanglers in India by the end of the calendar year 2014. Perhaps Bangalore could emerge as the zentangle capital of India! 

So, here I welcome each one of these 211 new prospective zentanglers into the fold of this beautiful emerging art form. I request them all to register themselves with this blogsite either as a 'follower', or through e-mail route so that they will be kept updated periodically, and they will merge with the zentangling community smoothly. 

D I L I P  P A T E L


  1. You prepared a wonderful display with some truly inspiring examples. Congratulations! You'll be busy with all the new interest, and I'm sure they'll all quite enjoy themselves.

  2. How fortunate so many were able to see your beautiful tiles and tangles, so beautifully displayed. May they be z-inspired to share your vision.

  3. The tiles you and Malathi showed here are more then beuatiful. Lots of succes Dilip!

  4. Ahh, truly in your element! Your art is breathtaking and you are certainly inspiring!


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