Friday, 31 January 2014

Inspiration from nature..

We shall never be able to fathom the bounty of nature.

It all began with practicing/scribbling exercise with the new tangle called Aquafleur. Diva's challenge no. 152 early this week had exhorted us to create a zentangle using Aquafleur, and I had already submitted my response a couple of days ago. But the scribbling suddenly looked good to me, and so I quickly took a picture, did some processing, and posted it as my second response last night.

I wake up this morning and go for a stroll in nature at this campus called Asia Plateau, Panchgani, belonging to the center called 'Initiatives of Change', and I see certain flowers looking like my last night's creation! I quickly plucked a few flowers and created collages on land, and in water and captured them in my camera. I present here them all in a sequence as it unfolded to me. I hope you will enjoy them. I called these flower collage as 'Nature-Aquafleur-Tangle, and would like to add them to my series called 'Nature Tangles'

Nature-Aquafleur-Tangle in water 1
Nature-Aquafleur-Tangle in water 2

Nature-Aquafleur-Tangle in water 3

Nature-Aquafleur-Tangle in water 4
These flowers literally inspired me to keep looking out for patterns in nature.



  1. Very beautiful Dilip, I'm so glad you are a person that sees this beauty!

  2. nature tangle...beautiful....

  3. Oh, how lovely! I just tangled the first time blooming butter. They look exactly the same!!! Great, love it!


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