Monday, 6 January 2014

Target 500 plus Hands...

...What began with' A Hundred Hands' exhibition is culminating into inspiring me to march towards creating 500+ zentangling hands before the year 2014 draws curtains...

And the year has begun with a bang. The twin workshops on 4th and 5th January, 2014 brought in some excellent participants from different walks of life in Bangalore. From students, to home makers, to a doctor, Chartered accountants, engineers, IT professionals, a professor, an architect, a social entrepreneur and a couple of Artists...They all formed a great group of learners. Here are some glimpses-

And what did they have to say, at the end of  tangling for almost seven hours? Read on...

Excellent workshop! Loved the whole energy, and organized structure of the workshop.
Thank you for the wonderful introduction to zentangle! J
In the z-inspiration workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  It made me playful, empty, intense, therapeutic, and fulfilling. Amazing that a simple and effective activity could give me all this (in a day)! I could see evidence of art, geometry, tantra etc in this form. Thank you, and wish that z-inspiration spreads quicker amongst all Indians!
Very interesting workshop and concept. I am hoping this will help me improve my concentration levels as I found it did while I was doing the workshop.
On the whole, this class was definitely an eye opener into how even those with ‘no artistic hand’ can also be creative. I feel really good about myself now!!
Had an amazing, wonderful time learning something so new!!! Thank you.
This was truly a fruitful experience with Mr Dilip Patel. Pattern making, and meditation at their best! Inspiring to an artist, and gratifying.
The workshop was amazing, fun, and AWSOME! Loved it!!
Enjoyed the intersection of maths and art. Thank you for the lovely workshop.
It was a wonderful experience. It motivates me further to get back to ‘hand’ work. Awesome time killer!
Absolutely fascinating!
Time just flew by.
Thank you.
Easy to do,
Expressing, and
Great workshop.
Will surely follow the blogs you’ll write.
Thanks a ton for initiating me to this . Please let me know more about the maths workshops.
It was my first art workshop, but it will not be my last one. I’m so pleased to have met you both. You are both, wonderful and inspiring artist. So much I hope that I will see you again in the near future. Thanks so much…
Awesome course. Looking forward to learn more.
Enjoyable, informative and mind opening. Thanks!
The workshop was very interesting. It made me feel I have talent inside me. Lots of artistic works made so easy to learn.
I now know how to use my boring time very useful and make it valuable.
Great experience. Loved the workshop.
Finally feel I can actually draw (though I am an art student)!
Thank you for the workshop.
Opened a new horizon…
Helped me most to get my ability to concentrate back!! J
Am truly blessed to have gone through Zentangle.
Thank you for bringing this to India.
Glad to have known you as a person.
Dear Dilip, you are an inspiration. Please keep the good works going.
Best wishes and regards..

My Appeal: Dear visitor, if you live in India, and are inspired enough to explore the zentangle method, please get in touch with me and we will figure it out how do I reach out to you so that your hand gets added to my tally towards 500 plus..



  1. Seus post são inspiradores,eu sou pequena aprendiz estou do outro lado do mundo mas você conseguiu chegar até a mim com sua arte, aprendo com você.
    Beijos e cumprimentos vindos do Brasil.

  2. Dilip, This looks like tons of fun! What are the 3D pieces?! Amy


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