Tuesday, 18 March 2014


The three leaves symbol

Diva's challenge no. 159 prompts one to take inspiration from St Patricks on the St Patrick's Day, and create a zentangle art. A little research later I got inspired by the three leaves shamrock, and green color as the symbols of St Patrick's  memory.

I have used some green and presented the three leaves a bit differently.

And now a few lines on the pursuit of Happiness, as I had mentioned in my previous post. I must acknowledge a beautiful comment on pursuing happiness by Anne. You may click for it here.

We use many different words to describe 'happiness'. E.g. satisfaction, peace, joy, pleasure, contentment etc. Let me pick up the words pleasure and joy out of the above. We generally use the word pleasure to describe sensorial inputs that makes us happy. It is temporary, out side-in approach, and hence self centered. Expression of Joy, on the other hand, is an inside out approach.It spreads to others and is long lasting. One can get joy out of 'giving', while the pleasure is always in 'taking'! Over indulgence in 'Taking' makes one selfish and greedy, while 'giving' happens from the position of abundance, 

The World needs today more of GIVING, than TAKING.

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  1. Nice shamrock. I love the Rixty surrounding it.

  2. Your so right about happiness. Giving is the best way to become happy. Happiness is: When I could raise a smile of somebody with a grouchy face by smiling at him.
    Your tile is beautiful.

  3. I so enjoy your work and insights!

  4. Lovely challenge tile! I really like the way you did the petals.


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