Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Spiraling Out..

There is a great inspiration in the title..

Spiraling out..Opening up, expanding the horizon, experiencing freedom, Growth, Reaching out for unknown, Moving beyond fears. These are all the meanings I am deriving from this term.

But, first, my response to Diva's challenge no. 160, string to be used is 'SPIRAL OUT'

And what I have done here is something unusual! The tile I am presenting here was done a while ago, and I thought I had not put my signature on it. So, I simply put it when Malathi (my wife) saw it and questioned my honesty...! She declared that the tile was done by her... and not me. And I kept staring at it.. If I could not differentiate it, I think it oly suggests how we are moving closer to each other!

So, with her permission, I am proclaiming it as my response here. If you like it, the credit will of course go to Malathi.

And now, a bit on the happiness topic:

I think, I have already said it all while describing 'spiraling out' above.It is happiness when one reaches out. Reaches out to unknown! 

Some time ago I was returning home after arriving back into my city, by an auto riksha ( a unique 3 wheeler public transport vehicle, seen in Asian countries), and I found the driver to be a bit off color. I got into conversation only to confirm my hunch that he had fought with his wife the previous day, and had not gone home since. Further probing revealed that his 5 year old daughter was denied admission to the government school for want of age proof. A traditional method used to be to ask the child to wrap her/his arm over the crown of the head and touch the ear on the opposite side. If the child can reach the ear, he/she can be admitted in to the school. This Auto driver's daughter was too tiny (physically), and could not reach out to her ear in the above manner. She was rejected.

His wife pushed him to explore private schools but there he was asked for capitation fee which he did not have a provision for. The fight centered around this issue of their child being left out while all other neighborhood children were going to school.

Something happened to me inside, and I extended to him a major part of the lump sum he needed. Totally unknown person. I have not seen him again, but, the act of reaching out to him continues to make me feel satisfied.. happy.

Do share your stories of reaching out to some one without any ulterior motives.. And if you do not have a story, actually reach out to some one and write about it!



  1. I like the tile, you and your wife have done well here :-)
    Your story brought tears to my eyes, this is how it should be!!! Blessed be!

  2. Years ago a colleague of mine did not have much money, she was really struggling, and never complaining about it. One day I got home and Kees (my husband) and I were trying to find a way to give her some without hurting her feelings or pride. We did not want to do it anonymous, because in that case she would always wonder which colleague it has been. So we took a card and wrote on it that we were in the happy circumstance to be able give some money to a person that needed it and that we hoped she would do the same thing to another one day. The next day, when she was not looking, I put the envelop in her handbag.
    Later she told us that she used to money to do something nice with her daughters, something she was never able to do in such a long time.
    And you are right Dilip, it still makes me happy thinking of it. And ..... being married to this wonderful man that thinks the same way.

    1. Thanks very much Anne for sharing your story of kindness.

  3. Beautiful tile and touching story. Thank you :)

  4. Beautiful work, you've achieved excellent focus on the spiral, well done :)

  5. Love both the work and the story. Thanks for sharing your talent, kindness and compassion.


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