Monday, 24 March 2014

Z-Inspiration Workshop at Bangalore, March, 2014

This was perhaps 5th zentangle workshop in Bangalore this calendar year.

17 students comprised of an 8th grade student to a 76 year old lady, a Fine Arts student, a Dental College Professor, a few executives from the IT and ITES Corporate worlds, a business man and a few home makers.
Here are the lovey tiles created by them all FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIFE!

A very satisfying day, if I have to go by what feed back they had to give. Here are their words of encouragement, though the 'hot weather' in the day did cause some discomforts.

And here is the Feed Back:

I loved the zentangle concept! Thanks you!


Very Interesting and fulfilling!


Loved the workshop! Can't wait to take Zentangle forward & see what I can come up with!


Interesting class. Was happy to discover that doodling was an actual art form. Disappointed with the facility, though, Too hot to conduct this in this place. Hope to keep in touch


Very good workshop, it has given me a lot of confidence for all the doodling that I will be doing. Thanks.


V interesting.....amazing!!


Very interesting, enjoyed myself and learnt a lot. Please keep the group engaged in the future as well. Would love to be a part of it.


I enjoyed this workshop a lot today. I learnt a lot from this workshop apart from doodling. I would also like to be informed about more such workshops if conducted.


It is a great learning experience for all. An art work developing any age, any place and any one. Thank you for the wonderful experience.


Very interesting workshop.... Can you conduct some classes in South Bangalore also?




An amazing workshop. Created a lot of wonder in my mind. As a person interested in human behaviour, and meditation, this 'art' came as a complete surprise!

Malathi and Dilip are such fine human beings - wanting the best for others. It comes out so well during the session.

And finally, watch this home made video to see all the actions!

We do intend to engage more batches in the days to come, after making due changes to beat the harshness of the weather

Thanking You,


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