Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Earth Day 2014..

..was celebrated yesterday, for the 44th time!

Yes, the first such celebration took place in 1970. However, only in the last few years the gravity of the situation is being felt, and again by a very few people.

Diva's challenge no. 164 prompts us to look at this very important subject through zentangle. Here is my response:

Here is a short video on the theme for this year..

How I wish the video had also proposed the need for reducing/refusing excess material consumption as part of the solution.

What is your opinion?



  1. Your tile is very beautiful. Thanks for the video and like you I wanted it to tell about the consumption of materials.

  2. Like everything emanating from the center.

  3. I love your tile and I agree that the most important thing in facing environmental problems is to drastically reduce the consumption of products made with compounds dug deep from the Earth and designed to break after a shoort period of time to be replaced ba something else we don't really need, just to satisfy a hunger within, that could just as well be satisfied by leading a fulfilling life.

  4. Lovely, lovely tile - and I so share your thoughts about the video. Axxx


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