Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Flower Of Life...

..is what Malathi informs me is 'quandary' in zentangle.

I am also told that it was through a book on Sacred Geometry, the 'Flower of Life' is part of which, that Rick and Maria came closer to each other. And there for, the birth of Zentangle itself  is owed to the flower of life.
But before I take off to my favorite topic of 'happiness' on this blog, let me present my response to Diva's challenge no 161. Hope you like it.

Flower of Life/Quandary

And now, let me play around with some words here, and continue with my reflections on 'happiness'.
We have come across these two terms- Early Flowering, and, Late Blooming in life. Both occurrences have made their mark on the well being, and there for, happiness factors of mankind. People who work in the fields of science and technology usually flower early. All the inventions and discoveries in the World have taken place during the earlier part of the lives of their respective scientists.  Where as philosophers,wise people, social reformers have usually bloomed late in their lives. The inventions and discoveries have certainly impacted our lives in a big way, but it has also fanned lust for material, greed and selfishness, all of which contribute to dissatisfaction/ unhappiness in lives. The wise men, on the other hand, have helped people to look within, see the life with different perspectives, and derive satisfaction/ happiness with life.

What is your opinion? Do leave behind your thoughts.



  1. I love your Quandary. And some great words to ponder. I hadn't thought about late blooming or early flowering in terms of science and art before. I think I have done a bit of both in my life. Certainly, I was never as creative as I am now in my mid-50s...Zentangle counts, don't you think?

    1. Annie, from the Multiple Intelligence theory I have learnt that the 'logical- Mathematical' intelligence sets in at the age of about 10 years, keeps growing till about 35 with peak between 28 to 32. Thus, the best output on logical front (in science and technological fields) happens during this 'early flowering'.

      The 'interpersonal' intelligence, also called 'people intelligence' sets in at around mid-thirties, and keeps growing. Hence the late blooming is observed in the interpersonal field.

  2. Great job. Like the Quandary within Quandary. Reminds me of looking through a screen.

  3. flower of life,i created many diffrent things with this great universal symbol.great to see it on your blog,the way you created it.namaste.


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