Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Life After Sixty...

..A Second Innings.

Last month one of our friends here in India turned 60. He organised his re-marriage with his own spouse, and it is not an idiosyncrasy! It is a ritual with many sections of the Hindu society. What does it mean?

That a new facet of life unfolds at 60?
That a new, a different kind of commitment to your spouse begins?
That life is not yet over?

Rick, the co-creator of Zentangle turned 60 a few weeks ago, and the Zentangle World got a new tangle in his honor called RIXTY!

Life after sixty has much more to offer. The fruits of the seeds you may have sown in the first innings of your life have to come during the second innings! Enjoy them. Be happy.

Here is Z-Inspiration's response to the Diva's challenge no. 163.

And on the topic of happiness, all I have to say to the '60' club members is, 

Remain relevant to your society, remain grateful to your spouse, remain free from complaining, and happiness can not but stay with you. What is your experience? Please leave behind your thoughts.

for Z-Inspiration


  1. I love your Rixty flowers, Dilip. I'll try to give my thoughts later.

  2. I love this done in white on black! Your flower design with this is charming!

  3. All I know about life, Dilip, is that it continues to get better. Is that possible? One just has to focus on the good parts and let the others fall away.

    Thanks for the lovely sentiments. We do not have this 60th anniversary celebration, but I think we should.



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