Monday, 30 June 2014

ABC Of Zentangle.. Y

As I See It (my insights).

Article to understand and learn Zentangle® Practice

Linked to ABC Wednesday
This is also doubling for Diva's Challenge no. 174 ( A string over a string)

This week it is Y. And Y is for YOU!

ABC of Zentangle    Y. Tangles used are Yoga, YAH, Yin linx,Yabbut and Y-ful power

YOU are a crowd! , said Gurdj√≠eff. You are a brother/sister/son/daughter/father/mother/grand pa/grand ma...Every relationship that you are, you are a different  person. Every role you play in society, you display unique characteristics. Thus we, each one of us, is a bundle of many many of us!

One of that crowd within you might believe that you can not draw. That you have no artistic/creative abilities. Wrong. Zentangle is an easy to learn art form, and fun way to reveal that Each One of  YOU DOES POSSESS ARTISTIC and CREATIVE ABILITIES! 

Go for Zentangle. It will change your life!


P.S Come back here next week again to see ABC of Zentangle...Z

Monday, 23 June 2014

ABC of Zentangle...X

As I See It (my insights).

              Article to understand and learn Zentangle®

So, welcome again on this journey of exploring the wonders of Zentangle through the letters aligned with the week's letter offered by ABC Wednesday.

This week's letter is X. And X is for X-ray...of zentangle! ( I will be writing all about zentangles here)

What does an X-ray image show? I would not be very enthusiastic to see x-ray of my body parts! It will only reveal defects!!

So, if I do the x-ray of zentangle, what will it reveal?

Check for yourself!

ABC of Zentangle...X. Tangles used here are- 'X', 'XYP' and 'Xeni'

Here is my this week's zentangle tile, using tangles called 'X', 'Xeni', and 'XYP' ( for the newbies to zentangle, every pattern created for zentangle is named for identification. And the names chosen are usually 'crazy', or 'non-sense' to the brain, hence, they fail to initiate any train of thoughts! This is by design!)

Now your job is to find the 'defects' in it. And you will find them! the strokes may not be uniform, the lines may not be parallel or even or of the same thickness etc, etc. And that is OK!, by design! There will be no perfect symmetry, no perfect shapes, no perfect lines! And yet, the zentangle looks beautiful, interesting! Just like life. No two people's x-ray of the same body part will be same. There is no perfection! And yet we love ourselves, we accept ourselves!

Zentangle imitates life! 



P. S. My other agenda is to create 500 zentangle practitioners in India before the end of the current calendar year. So, if you would like to be one of this growing community, write to me immediately. Thanks.

Monday, 16 June 2014

ABC of Zentangle...W

As I See It(my insights).

               Article to understand and learn Zentangle® Practice

I have just begun a new series called ABC of Zentangle to be posted on this blog and to be linked with ABC Wednesday.My efforts are to unravel the beauty and the benefits of practicing zentangle, an evolving new  art form with multiple benefits. If you choose to follow this post, week after week, I think you will get to know a lot about zentangle, through one letter at a time,aligned with ABC Wednesday's letter of the week.

 I further propose to create a zentangle tile, in every post, using tangles starting with that very letter, and offer my two bits about 'zentangle as I see it'. I will be happy if these posts will inspire new people to learn, and practice this lovely art form to derive innumerable benefits. For those who already know, and practice zentangle, these posts may perhaps further boost their love for this art form. This is the 2nd post in the series. To see the first one, click here.

This week's letter is W, and W stands for - 'What is zentangle?'

So, let me try to explain zentangle in my own way.

ZENTANGLE = ZEN + TANGLE = Meditation + (a confused mass of something twisted together).

The above is a literal meaning. But so apt that  if someone is  really confused (about life), may like to add a bit of meditation to the daily practice, and the confusions will go away! :) :).. And if practicing meditation is difficult, simply practice zentangle for the same outcome!

On a serious note, let us look at how  the creators of Zentangle, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas have  described zentangle as-

Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns 

It is a fascinating form of art  that is fun and is a lighthearted way to relax
and intentionally facilitate a shift in focus and perspective and enhance creativity.

It provides an easy to learn method of relaxed focus which can be done almost anywhere, alone or in groups, without any special abilities or costly equipment.

Zentangle is enjoyed by a wide range of skills and ages and is used in many fields of interest. To learn that you can deliberately relax and intentionally direct your attention while creating beautiful works of art is an empowering and uplifting experience.

Zentangle provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well being. 

I think I will stop here, and take you  to  my zentangle  tile created using 4 tangles staring with letter 'w'. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used are W2, Wrapped Eggs, Web and Well*
* These are the names of different Tangles.
My other agenda is to create 500 zentangle practitioners in India before the end of the current calendar year. So, if you would like to be one of this growing community, write to me immediately.



Thursday, 12 June 2014

Z-Inspiration workshops update...Panchgani

At Grampari, an IofC initiative for upliftment of rural India, 20 young girls underwent a crash course on Zentangle on 5th May, 2014.

These girls come from very poor backgrounds, and Grampari engaged them, free of cost, for about a month in a residential program, building their self esteem, life skills, livelihood skills and moral fabric. We are glad that Z-Inspiration could contribute a small fraction of these efforts to make these girls feel that they do have creativity within them!

The results were amazing......See for yourself-

We were told later that one of the girls went back to her school and taught what she had learnt to her fellow students! Zentangle can, and should go viral.

It is our desire to create 500 zentangle practitioners in India before the end of the current calender year.
Do write to us if you want to be one of these 500 zentanglers.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

ABC of Zentangle...V

 ...As I See It(my insights).

               Article to understand and learn Zentangle® Practice

I have been getting this thought for some time, ever since I came across this ABC Wednesday. to present this wonderful artform called Zentangle® through alphabets aligned with ABC Wednesday's letter of the week. I propose to create a zentangle using tangles starting with that very letter, and offer the 'zentangle as I see it'. I will be happy if these posts will inspire new people to learn this lovely art form which is much more than just art, as you will learn as you keep following me.

So, the letter this week is V, and V is for... 'Very interesting'

Yes, this is the phrase most of my students use to give their feedback upon the conclusion of the mini workshop (Half a day), or day long full w/s on zentangle practice, I call 'Z-Inspiration'. So, while I describe my interpretations of the phrase, enjoy this tile created specially for this post.

The tangles used here are: Verdigogh, Verve, Viaduct and Vigne*
* These are the names of Tangles.

The phrase, 'very interesting', is a very positive and encouraging statement one uses when one does not want to, or not required to cast a judgement. One of the golden rules of practicing zentangle is ' No pre-planning, no post judgement'. It means when you begin creating your zentangle, you have absolutely no idea what you are creating! No pre planning! You are in the 'here-now' situation.

And when you did not plan anything, what ever is the outcome, it has to be interesting, since criteria about good, or bad (the judgement words) have themselves not been established by design. Further, every zentangle tile ever created by any body is always a unique piece, hence, what will you compare it with to be called good or bad?

 Isn't it interesting? How would be our life if we shunned comparisons, judgements?

Think about it, and share your thoughts.


Monday, 9 June 2014

Z-Inspiration workshops update... Goa,May 2014.


A great tourist destination, Goa, in Western India welcomed Zentangle through our Z-Inspiration workshop on May, 2, 2014. nearly 20 odd spouses and children of participants of the IMTMA ( Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers Association) annual conference participated in the day long event.

Here are a few pictures and feedback.

The participants' creations speak for themselves, however, here are some words of appreciation.

Enjoyed the zentangles and got one hobby which I can use in my spare time. I think this can be very useful for every one. I like to have tangle patterns through e-mail.

Very inspiring. Got lots of new ideas for my art. Thank you!

Very good efforts for concentration and also for creating new ideas developed in your mind. Specially for old people.

Very nice. I can't believe that I can do this! Thanks a lot Mr, Mrs Patel, you made my day!

For a person not artistic/creative, I discovered a new side of me! Thank you, it was wonderful meeting you both.

Very interesting and useful!



This class was very exciting. I learnt something new. Thank you!

The things you showed us were amazing. I loved how creativity was the main spark in the tangles. Thank you!

I wish to continue tutorials & become (some day) a certified teacher. Excellent, rejuvenating!

Hope the above inspires you! Happy tangling. Get connected.



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

World Environment Day, 2014

..happens to be on 5th June, every year.

I want to announce using 'bugles' a small symbolic activity (of pouring 5 ltrs each fresh, clean water) tomorrow morning (as per the Indian Standard Time) by our local NGO called 'Raja Rajeshwari Nagar I Care' members, here at Bangalore, India to show that we will allow to fill the recently revived lake in our area with only the clean rain water.

Our members have resisted successfully since last one year the 'normal' moves by the local governance to mix up the fresh water with the sewage water. The lake remained dry last year. However, a large number of mixing up issues have been resolved. We hope the remaining ones too get resolved soon.

It was coincidental that this week Diva's challenge in zentangle circles was to use tangle called 'BUGLES'. The above illustration is my response to it.

Hope you all enjoy it.



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