Tuesday, 10 June 2014

ABC of Zentangle...V

 ...As I See It(my insights).

               Article to understand and learn Zentangle® Practice

I have been getting this thought for some time, ever since I came across this ABC Wednesday. to present this wonderful artform called Zentangle® through alphabets aligned with ABC Wednesday's letter of the week. I propose to create a zentangle using tangles starting with that very letter, and offer the 'zentangle as I see it'. I will be happy if these posts will inspire new people to learn this lovely art form which is much more than just art, as you will learn as you keep following me.

So, the letter this week is V, and V is for... 'Very interesting'

Yes, this is the phrase most of my students use to give their feedback upon the conclusion of the mini workshop (Half a day), or day long full w/s on zentangle practice, I call 'Z-Inspiration'. So, while I describe my interpretations of the phrase, enjoy this tile created specially for this post.

The tangles used here are: Verdigogh, Verve, Viaduct and Vigne*
* These are the names of Tangles.

The phrase, 'very interesting', is a very positive and encouraging statement one uses when one does not want to, or not required to cast a judgement. One of the golden rules of practicing zentangle is ' No pre-planning, no post judgement'. It means when you begin creating your zentangle, you have absolutely no idea what you are creating! No pre planning! You are in the 'here-now' situation.

And when you did not plan anything, what ever is the outcome, it has to be interesting, since criteria about good, or bad (the judgement words) have themselves not been established by design. Further, every zentangle tile ever created by any body is always a unique piece, hence, what will you compare it with to be called good or bad?

 Isn't it interesting? How would be our life if we shunned comparisons, judgements?

Think about it, and share your thoughts.



  1. I like the idea of zen (not so good at practicing...)

  2. Love the "creation" you posted, because that's what I View a zentangle is - a sudden burst of inspiration, put on paper/canvas - and how I started my art in my teens:)

  3. That's an awesome tile. I love tangling too. Blessings!


  4. This is very, very interesting, but also very philisophical, and that means it is beyond my comprehension. Europeans have to learn the art of meditation from Asia.
    I wish you a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team.


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