Monday, 16 June 2014

ABC of Zentangle...W

As I See It(my insights).

               Article to understand and learn Zentangle® Practice

I have just begun a new series called ABC of Zentangle to be posted on this blog and to be linked with ABC Wednesday.My efforts are to unravel the beauty and the benefits of practicing zentangle, an evolving new  art form with multiple benefits. If you choose to follow this post, week after week, I think you will get to know a lot about zentangle, through one letter at a time,aligned with ABC Wednesday's letter of the week.

 I further propose to create a zentangle tile, in every post, using tangles starting with that very letter, and offer my two bits about 'zentangle as I see it'. I will be happy if these posts will inspire new people to learn, and practice this lovely art form to derive innumerable benefits. For those who already know, and practice zentangle, these posts may perhaps further boost their love for this art form. This is the 2nd post in the series. To see the first one, click here.

This week's letter is W, and W stands for - 'What is zentangle?'

So, let me try to explain zentangle in my own way.

ZENTANGLE = ZEN + TANGLE = Meditation + (a confused mass of something twisted together).

The above is a literal meaning. But so apt that  if someone is  really confused (about life), may like to add a bit of meditation to the daily practice, and the confusions will go away! :) :).. And if practicing meditation is difficult, simply practice zentangle for the same outcome!

On a serious note, let us look at how  the creators of Zentangle, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas have  described zentangle as-

Zentangle is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns 

It is a fascinating form of art  that is fun and is a lighthearted way to relax
and intentionally facilitate a shift in focus and perspective and enhance creativity.

It provides an easy to learn method of relaxed focus which can be done almost anywhere, alone or in groups, without any special abilities or costly equipment.

Zentangle is enjoyed by a wide range of skills and ages and is used in many fields of interest. To learn that you can deliberately relax and intentionally direct your attention while creating beautiful works of art is an empowering and uplifting experience.

Zentangle provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well being. 

I think I will stop here, and take you  to  my zentangle  tile created using 4 tangles staring with letter 'w'. I hope you enjoy it.

Tangles used are W2, Wrapped Eggs, Web and Well*
* These are the names of different Tangles.
My other agenda is to create 500 zentangle practitioners in India before the end of the current calendar year. So, if you would like to be one of this growing community, write to me immediately.




  1. This is interesting stuff. Not sure I fully understand yet...

    1. Thanks ROG to find zentangle interesting. Kindly keep patience and I am sure the beauty of zentangle will start unfolding as a few more posts get to see the light.

  2. Still very complicated. I must confess that , even though I like your tile, I don't see the W in it. But I appreciate the fact that you show something very new to us. And it makes me curious to see how you do it.
    Have a great week!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

    1. Wil, some times simple things may appear to be complicated. Perhaps I am presenting zentangle in these posts in piece meal manner, and that is why it looks complicated to you. I have further clarified the letter W's connection by using blue colour for the Ws. Thanks for your appreciation, and let me assure you that if you take it up to learn, you will be able to create similar beautiful images!

  3. Amazing!
    I confirm my interest, Dilip. Please tell me how to go about joining the movement.

    1. Thanks Amit. I have been enjoying your pictures as well as poetries. It will be great if you would like to learn this great new art form. please send me a mail to my e-mail Id dilip(dot)patel(at)gmail(dot)com to take this matter forward one on one.

  4. This sounds complicated, but interesting too!


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