Wednesday, 4 June 2014

World Environment Day, 2014

..happens to be on 5th June, every year.

I want to announce using 'bugles' a small symbolic activity (of pouring 5 ltrs each fresh, clean water) tomorrow morning (as per the Indian Standard Time) by our local NGO called 'Raja Rajeshwari Nagar I Care' members, here at Bangalore, India to show that we will allow to fill the recently revived lake in our area with only the clean rain water.

Our members have resisted successfully since last one year the 'normal' moves by the local governance to mix up the fresh water with the sewage water. The lake remained dry last year. However, a large number of mixing up issues have been resolved. We hope the remaining ones too get resolved soon.

It was coincidental that this week Diva's challenge in zentangle circles was to use tangle called 'BUGLES'. The above illustration is my response to it.

Hope you all enjoy it.



  1. What a gorgeous bugle. I would love to hear its music...

  2. i like your ats a lot.i use to come to your blog every week. great what you are doing.

  3. Thank you for using my tangle, Bugles. I like how you have made bugles into a bugle. Good idea.

  4. Love how you twirled bugles around into a bugle, and the pattern you but into the bugles themselves.

  5. hear hear :)
    Best of luck on your good cause.
    Your bugles sings


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