Monday, 9 June 2014

Z-Inspiration workshops update... Goa,May 2014.


A great tourist destination, Goa, in Western India welcomed Zentangle through our Z-Inspiration workshop on May, 2, 2014. nearly 20 odd spouses and children of participants of the IMTMA ( Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers Association) annual conference participated in the day long event.

Here are a few pictures and feedback.

The participants' creations speak for themselves, however, here are some words of appreciation.

Enjoyed the zentangles and got one hobby which I can use in my spare time. I think this can be very useful for every one. I like to have tangle patterns through e-mail.

Very inspiring. Got lots of new ideas for my art. Thank you!

Very good efforts for concentration and also for creating new ideas developed in your mind. Specially for old people.

Very nice. I can't believe that I can do this! Thanks a lot Mr, Mrs Patel, you made my day!

For a person not artistic/creative, I discovered a new side of me! Thank you, it was wonderful meeting you both.

Very interesting and useful!



This class was very exciting. I learnt something new. Thank you!

The things you showed us were amazing. I loved how creativity was the main spark in the tangles. Thank you!

I wish to continue tutorials & become (some day) a certified teacher. Excellent, rejuvenating!

Hope the above inspires you! Happy tangling. Get connected.



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