Thursday, 12 June 2014

Z-Inspiration workshops update...Panchgani

At Grampari, an IofC initiative for upliftment of rural India, 20 young girls underwent a crash course on Zentangle on 5th May, 2014.

These girls come from very poor backgrounds, and Grampari engaged them, free of cost, for about a month in a residential program, building their self esteem, life skills, livelihood skills and moral fabric. We are glad that Z-Inspiration could contribute a small fraction of these efforts to make these girls feel that they do have creativity within them!

The results were amazing......See for yourself-

We were told later that one of the girls went back to her school and taught what she had learnt to her fellow students! Zentangle can, and should go viral.

It is our desire to create 500 zentangle practitioners in India before the end of the current calender year.
Do write to us if you want to be one of these 500 zentanglers.


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