Tuesday, 8 July 2014

ABC Of Zentangle... Z

As I see it (My insights).

                  Article to understand and learn Zentangle® Practice

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                                      Diva's challenge no. 175(UMT Crux)

I realise that over the last 4 posts I have been developing my own insights about the practice of Zentangle which I try to present here. So, there is as much of learning for me here as it may be for the viewers. In fact I am tempted to slightly reformat my posts under the title of 'ABC of Zentangle' starting next week as we enter into another series of ABC Wednesday starting with A again. It will have some zen, some tangles and perhaps some learning tips.

But let me come to this week's letter. It is Z, and Z is for... (you have guessed it!)..ZENTANGLE.

So, first some tangles, all starting with z in my this week's zentangle -

ABC of Zentangle..Z. The tangles used are Zonked, Zinger, Zin and Zedbra

And here is a tile with CRUX., though Z remains the subject matter.

I think I have already explained what is Zentangle in my post 'ABC of Zentangle...W'
But I must say, Z is the last letter in the alphabet, and Zentangle is the last word in the fun filled learning of a new art form! :)) I am just kidding, but take my word seriously. Get hooked on to Zentangle. You will love it.



  1. Thanks for coming back next round, and doing more enlightenment!


  2. Zabardast...powerful and delicate in one go!

  3. I like the contrasting Z, one airy like a field and the other dense and enfolding.

  4. Very nice contrast here, and your variations of Crux are really well done!

  5. The first one is stunning, Dilip!!!

  6. Wonderful variations of Crux! The first tile is gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful tiles, especially the Z! Love the effects.


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