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ABC of Zentangle...B

As I See It..

A little Zen, and some Tangles..
( To understand, and learn Zentangle®)

Welcome back to the second post in the new series of ABC Wednesday, and the letter is B. So, let us look at some of the words beginning with B, and have some connection with either zen, or tangle! And, again do not miss a new video at the end. 

I have chosen B for Beating Stress, and Being in the present as the Zen part of the post, and 'Bulbul (Red whiskered bulbul)' as the tangle part of the post. 

The Zentangle art of the post:

ABC of Zentangle..B - Bulbul.Tangles used are, Baton, Bunzo, Bales, Blank-it, Birds on the wire, Barney and Borbz

This is a lovely bird, called Red whiskered Bulbul , and is  commonly found in Panchgani, a small town nestling in the Western Ghats in Maharastra , India.  I have used the outline of this bird and filled it up with variety of tangles, all starting with B. Such an art where a known object is chosen as an outline, and filled up with tangles is called ZIA - Zentangle Inspired Art. This is, perhaps, a next logical step after one has gained reasonable proficiency in creating pure (abstract) zentangle arts. So, enjoy the ZIA

I have a fascinating story to tell behind creating this ZIA. 

While at the campus of Initiatives of Change, Panchgani during the months of May-June this year I witnessed the birth of a new baby bulbul. This occupied a considerable amount of my mind and time as I kept watching, and clicking pictures of, the bulbul couple right from the time they were busy building their nest in the adjoining utility room. 

Here are the pictures in sequence:

The whole drama unfolded over about 10 days period, from 18th May to 28th May, 2014.

I left Panchgani on 29th of May, only to return on 13th of June. My first visit was to the pantry room. The nest was empty. It wore a deserted look. The little bulbul had developed wings and had flown away..! It was there that I decided to make a ZIA of the bulbul.

And now some zen...

How does practicing zentangle help in beating stress? Stress is the dissipation of energy while doing nothing. I used to get stressed out waiting for being called in by the senior Govt officers. Punctuality was never maintained. I had learnt to carry a book which helped. But after I was exposed to zentangle, I have found a great solace in it.

Once an officer took an hour and a half to come out and meet me as against a promised 10 minutes. I pulled out my pocket diary and created a beautiful zentangle vase. I was as fresh for the discussion, as I should have been. Only the officer was feeling a bit guilty!

Zentangle practice also keeps you in the very present moment while creating the zentangle art.  Zentangle rules say, 'no pre-planning, and no post judgement' when you stick to this rule, you get locked in to the present moment. You are focusing on those small repetitive strokes which makes 'no sense' to your mind at that moment, and hence offers no triggers to the mind to ramble either in the past, or in the future.

Most of the senior citizens, or bored house wives would benefit tremendously if they learnt and practiced zentangle, as they have the tendency, and plenty of time to slip away into unpleasant past or unclear future.   

Finally, the video- ABC of Zentangle...B.

It demonstrates using three tangles I have used in the ZIA of the bulbul. Can you identify?

Have fun, and come back next week for some more zen, tangles and demo videos..

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  1. I was reading somewhere Bulbuls are the new sparrows. You will find them everywhere. Great art work.

  2. stress reduction? sounds sound!

  3. Intriguing artwork... creativity does relieve boredom...I find myself enjoying photo manipulation by using various apps on my phone♪

  4. Dilip, I love what you did with 'Barney' in the Bulbul and the video! Fun to see that tangle come to life in video! You may inspire me to do a video direct from the one of the sources of inspiration of that tangle! Enjoying your ABC series... lovely work as always! Blessings from Vermont...


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