Thursday, 24 July 2014

Teacher and the Taught..

Should there be any age wise distinction between the teacher and the taught?

My answer is NO.

Age is only a chronology. Ability is important to be able to pass on your knowledge, skills, wisdom etc, etc
Most of the 'grown ups' today are 'learning' all about gadgets, and gizmos, and computers, and software etc from their children and grand children!

But why have I picked up this topic? Because, I understand that Diva's challenge no. 177 is designed by Caroline Broady, the World's Youngest CZT! Truffle is the name of the tangle she has designed.

So, here is my response to this challenge.

A different format for the same tile:

I have used my ANTZ effectively here.



PS: May I also invite you to visit my recently initiated series called 'ABC of Zentangle.." which caters a bit of zen, some (randomly selected)tangles and sometimes tangle demonstration on videos to understand, and learn Zentangle method, one post at a time...


  1. Fabulous Tile, Dilip. Love your marching ants, so artfully threading their way through your delightful Truffles. Beautiful design. It reminds me of a jewelry setting.

  2. Wonderful tile! Love your ants, too! Great compostion!

  3. The truffles look like they are dancing. very nice.

  4. My answer is NO too; my children are persons that I have learned from so very, very much and still do.
    And YES to your beautiful tile.

  5. I love this truffle complete with the Antz! I always enjoy seeing them in your tiles.

  6. I love the flow of this tile. The return of Antz is great. Love to see them marching across the tile.


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