Sunday, 24 August 2014

ABC of Zentangle..F, F for Focus, Fear, Freedom..

Focus on getting Freedom from Fear..

A little Zen, and some Tangles..
( To understand, and learn Zentangle®)

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The Zen part first..

Fear is one of the emotions we are born with. Its main function is to fore warn us for our safety, our protection. This exists in Nature. All animals, all creatures have it. But we humans have discovered its use as a tool for selfish motives. So, we started inflicting fears on others to have our work done. Different aspects of fear that we use, as well as experience are, threat, punishment, deprivation, anger, upsets, anxiety, frustration etc..

In fact, the fear culture begins at home. Lavishly we use false, even illogical threats on small children to make them eat their food, drink their milk, do their home work, and so on.

At the work place, we set threatening conditions to complete the task or else... memos, stoppage of increments, suspension, denial of promotion etc, etc

Governments collect their taxes under threats of severe punishments for defaults..

In other words, the whole World is running on FEAR. And what are the results? Fragmentations, breakdowns, separations, selfishness, greed, power centers, vandalism, terrorism, anarchy.

And all these happen because we fear the fear, even though the statistics say 98% fears do not come true!

The opposite of fear is LOVE.  Love unites, it heals people, it provides larger purpose, inclusiveness grows, involvement increases, creativity develops... The problem is establishing selfless love takes much longer time where as fear works instantly, though, over time, fear produces diminishing returns where as love creates increasing returns.

So, the goal could be to focus on getting freedom from fear... Well, one can not run away from fear over night given that for centuries we have been raised under the shadow of fear. But can we start focussing on moving towards love? Over period, fear factor can diminish and love could grow in the Universe.

Enough of the Zen.

 Let me present tangles on F, with a one line message in favor of Zentangle that practicing zentangle builds focus, and when we do zentangles with emotion of love at heart, we grow in the direction of empathy, kindness, tolerance, mutual respect, acceptance,attitude of giving, unselfishness etc etc, all these being the aspect of love.

ABC of Zentangle.. F. Tangles used are, Fife, Foot lites, Feather falls and Fungees
And now the video-

ABC of Zentangle..F video: This time we have demonstrated all the above tangles actually creating the above shown zentangle art. Enjoy, and learn.

Have fun, and if you do get thoughts on the contents of this post, share with us all.



  1. Interesting post and I agree with Roger. Love is what we need. Carver, ABC-Wed. Team


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