Thursday, 28 August 2014

ABC of Zentangle..G, G for Growth, inner Growth..

...Through an attitude of Giving,Generosity.

A little Zen, and some Tangles..
( To understand, and learn Zentangle®)

Linked to ABC Wednesday , and Diva's Challenge no. 182

Let me begin with presenting my zentangle image here under answering Diva's challenge no. 182 with stripes in the form of the border. I also answer the ABC Wednesday this week with G as the letter, and present in my series ABC of Zentangle.. G with all the tangles used in the image, including the border, beginning with the letter G. And there after I present a video demonstrating 4 tangles with G. Hope you all enjoy it.  

ABC of Zentangle..G. Tangles used are, Girdy, Golven, Groovy, Gord, Girlande, Grass border, Graancirkel, Good Joss, Gutz and Gingham

Here is the video, ABC of Zentangle..G

And now some Zen:
G for Growth- 

The whole World is rooted in this magical word called 'GROWTH'. Every individual wants to grow, and keep growing in stature, earnings, amassing wealth. Every corporate/business entity desires the growth graph always going northwards, in its bottom line, in its assets build up. Every country looks for continuous, positive growth in their GDP, all the times, again, in the monetary terms. It would appear that we all tend to take this trend as very normal, and NATURAL.

But, I differ. The word NATURAL takes my thoughts to its root, NATURE. Nothing in Nature is unlimited. Nothing keeps growing continuously. What goes up, comes down. Hence, how can the human being's desire to a perpetual growth  could be termed 'Natural'. In fact such a desire is unnatural, and hence non-achievable! Because, the growth is being desired in terms of commodity called MONEY, and money is only a man made means of exchange, not at all a commodity! And the stuff you keep exchanging for money, things made of matter, keeps on depleting as all the matter stuff come from the limited resources in and around the NATURE (Earth). So, the materialistic, outer growth for ALL is a myth.

What about INNER GROWTH? Well, it is non-materialistic, and hence desirable if it can shift our focus away from the material. The inner growth could happen when the factors fueling outer growth, such as excessive desires, selfishness, greed, jealousy, ego and blind attachments to material etc are controlled and diminished.

Aligning our nature with the Nature could help. This brings to the other two words I have chosen- Giving, and Generosity. Joy of Giving is always superior to the 'pleasure'(ephemeral happiness) of Taking. And this attitude can be developed if we operate from GENEROSITY. Nipun Mehta explains beautifully in this TEDx talk how to design our life for generosity-

Do leave behind your comments if you found the post meaningful. By the way, practicing zentangle is helpful in developing inner growth.



  1. Beautiful design...nice concept: gift-a-vision. All the best♪

  2. I like the graphic image. Nature helps me stay calm. Carver, ABC-W Team

  3. Yes, Dilip, your post is meaningful and o so true. Thanks for sharing. The tile is a great 'back to basic zentangle' one.

  4. Wonderful flow to your Tile. Love the Tile within a Tile concept. Wonderful post. Thanks Dillip.

  5. We grow or we die inside...

  6. Love your "double" tile, so well done and a great idea! :)

  7. Nice combination of patterns!


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