Tuesday, 17 February 2015

ABC of Zentangle...J

A little Zen, and some Tangles..
( To understand, and learn Zentangle®)

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J for Joy, Joy of Giving..

After a pause of a few months, here I am back with the series. The intervening pause was due to the continuous travel  and involvement in a lot of training programs happening at the campus of Initiatives of Change, Panchgani, India. I hope to take the series forward to its logical end, and it will happen.

So, let us take the matter forward.

We have featured 6 tangles, beginning with the letter J, here in the video below. These are - Jalousie, Jazazz, Jonqal, Jelly roll, Jeni cup and Jilli. The video also shows how to make a cube out of 6 visiting cards having one tangle each on every face of the cube.

ABC of Zentangle, J video:

                                                                   ABC of Zentangle..J

It may be interesting to know that the ABC of Zentangle series is becoming popular on the Youtube and hundreds of viewers have subscribed to my channel, and the numbers are growing by the day! All I have to say, with humility, THANK YOU to all who are supportive of my efforts ( particularly Genevieve Crabe of tangleharmony), and those who are subscribing and learning tangles there from.

And now some Zen...

Joy and pleasure contribute together to the state of mind we call as 'happiness'. And every one on the surface of the earth is in pursuit of it. What ever we do, all our actions, are, deep within, directed towards creating happiness. But then why are not we happy?

Good question, somebody would say. Let me put across my response to this question.

The conscious deeds we do are largely motivated by the desires to get pleasure, not joy. I consider pleasure as that good feeling created by sensorial inputs. A beautiful sunset, a lovely piece of music, tasty food, sensuous feeling by touch etc are all examples of sensorial 'pleasurable' feelings. Materialistic consumption is a big example of 'pleasure seeking' indulgence. However, the nature of all the sensorial inputs are out side in, temporary/short lived and selfish. The feeling does not last long. Also, since it is personal/individualistic, others are not interested.

Joy, on the other hand is inside out, non-sensorial, deeds producing joy are directed towards welfare of others, and hence long lasting. However, such deeds are usually few and far between, and otherwise unconscious ones.

The matter is clear then, that if the happiness index of a people is low, mostly because they have become more materialistic and consumerist society. Their efforts are only going to give them short lived and selfish pleasure.

Instead, if we increase our conscious deeds of doing good to others, it will produce joy, a long lasting happiness. It can be articulated as 'JOY of GIVING'. And practicing Zentangle regularly can develop the 'giving' attitude. Try it out!

Happy tangling, happy Giving!



  1. well that is pretty amazing! i will try to make one of these today. thanks for the video :)

  2. I'm impressed. Not in my skill set...


  3. This is so beautiful! So creative and inspirational!
    Wil, ABCW

  4. So true about Joy..glad you are finding success with your series, that's awesome♪ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/jagged-ice/

  5. This is amazing ! I wish I could do something like this.


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