Thursday, 20 August 2015

Another Mile Stone..H video

H video clocks 1,00,000 views...on 21st August, 2015.

One more mile stone . The ABC of Zentangle H video on my You Tube channel clicks 100,000 views in less than a year's period from the date of its being up loaded. A great moment to be recorded, and then move on.

Just to record that at this juncture, the total nos of combined views of all the published videos stands at 1,45,450, and the nos of subscribers to my channel stood at 2087.

Here is the link to the H video -

The mile stones are meant to be surpassed, and so will this one be! But let me sincerely thank all the viewers and subscribers of my videos to make me reach this milestone. I sincerely hope that my videos are helping the viewers to learn something about zentangles.


D I L I P 

Zentangle in News Paper..

When the newspapers pick up a subject, it means the subject has 'arrived'.

Here is the reproduction of an article which appeared on Aug 19th, 2015 in a Bangalore edition of a well respected National newspaper of commerce and economy in India.

Aug 19 2015 : The Economic Times (Bangalore)
ABSTRACT ART - City Entangled by Zentangle Art Craze

Zentangle is a major draw among techies, doctors & other professionals
What do a techie, a doctor, an entrepreneur, a designer and an artist have in common?
They doodle. Not random scribbles on notebook margins, but an abstract art that helps them combine professional advancement with meditation.They are practitioners of Zentangle, an emerging art form that draws from nature, textile prints or architectural monuments and simplifies these into dots, curved lines or circles used repetitively to create an abstract piece. All patterns are randomly juxtaposed with little or no preplanning, making for a near-meditative experience.
Dilip Patel, the first certified Zentangle teacher in India and the only one in the city , told ET that Bengaluru possibly has the highest number of Zentangle practitioners and enthusiasts.“There are over 150 of them so far and the number is growing,“ Patel said.
Dr Vijaya Geeta, a clinical psychologist practising in Halasuru, uses Zentangle to create artbased therapy sessions and counselling.
“The lines that patients draw during a session reflect their suppressed emotions. The resultant case histories that I gather help me study human mannerisms in depth,“ she said. “Concentrating on creating patterns without a specific image in mind helps you relax, concentrate better on work and live in the moment. It also helps manage anger and improve dexterity .“
For Neha Agrawal, an employee of Tech Mahindra, Zentangle is meditation. “ All you need is a pen and a paper. So that when you work without a break, you can just log off for a bit and make a quick, small sketch.“
It isn't by accident that Zentangle works as an effective meditative or therapeutic tool. It was created by Americans Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, a monk and a calligrapher who decided to combine their skills to create an art form benefiting both artists and non-artists.
One such artist is city-based Umesh Prasad, who is incorporating Zentangle designs into his area of specialization -metalembossed artifacts. “You don't think of an outcome while creating designs so it is a different way of visualising creative output, where expression moves into the realm of perspectives,“ Prasad said. His next exhibition will have 40 artifacts, including Zentangle-based designs.
Designer Remya Dharmarajan uses Zentangle patterns in the logos and brochures she designs and Neha Chawla, cofounder of Silver Talkies, a website for senior citizens, writes about Zentangle and conducts workshops for the elderly .
Carol Pinto, owner of the creative studio Bloom and Grow, said that unlike other art workshops that are attended by all age groups, Zentangle enquiries come from serious learners.


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