Monday, 30 November 2015

Guest post to Diva's Challenges

It is a great honour...

to be invited to offer a guest post at Diva's weekly Challenges. Here is what I sent in for the Challenge no. 246. It is just a copy of what I have sent:

 Diva’s Challenge no. 246 Guest Post “Mono Tangle Trees”

Greetings from India, I am Dilip Patel, CZT09, honoured to offer guest challenge here this week.
My love affair with Zentangle began over 4 years ago when my wife, Malathi, going through a low phase then, discovered Zentangle on internet. I found a remarkable change of mood in her within a few weeks of practicing Zentangle, that I was forced to look at Zentangle seriously. As a trainer/learning facilitator I thought Zentangle would be a great tool added to my kitty.  Under strange circumstances I travelled to USA in 2012 and became the first CZT from India. Earlier this year, we got another opportunity to be in the US and this time Malathi too got minted as a CZT (21) making us a rare CZT couple in the World!

I had the honour of speaking at the CZT21 seminar this year where I presented my thoughts on using Zentangle method for creating some social good. I believe Zentangle has a potential to impact society in many ways.

In this challenge I propose to use Zentangle for one such issue and get each one of you involved in making a Zentangle statement for a great cause!

Choose any tangle pattern of your liking and create a tree using only the chosen tangle over strings representing a tree.

There is a dire need of afforestation in the World, and as leaders from 168 countries sit in Paris to deliberate the action plans to combat the climate change, we the tanglers must give out the afforestation message through the response to this week’s challenge. And one more thing you can do off paper, and that is, plant a tree, create a forest in your vicinity!

We have been working in our society in many ways in the field of environmental concerns. A big tree stands in front of our house which we had planted years ago.

Through our NGO, RR Nagar I Care, we have been involved in planting trees on the banks of a lake in our vicinity, populating a piece of forest nearby with more trees, and experimenting with creating community urban kitchen garden.

We grow vegetable plants on our terrace garden and create tree saplings, and then give away the saplings.

We use solar energy for heating water, cooking food etc…

Our blog sites:

So, let us create Zentangle Forests with variety of trees coming out from each one of you. There could be no better thanks giving process towards Nature.

Here are some of my  monotangle trees:

Thank You



  1. What a wonderful post Dilip. It was great to see a photo of you both and to read about what you do. Clever to transpose it into a Zentangle challenge. Your tiles are so well drawn and treelike, very clever.

  2. I thank you so much for this wonderful challenge! Your trees are gorgeous!

  3. I love your trees. I also really enjoyed reading about the work you do in your community. I know you are a world away but also rather feels like you are right next door. Thank you. Loved the challenge.


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