Wednesday, 9 December 2015

ABC of Zentangle...L

A little Zen, and some Tangles..
( To understand, and learn Zentangle®)

I am very happy to present here the next edition of the series with letter L

L stands for Love, Life and Liberty.

And the Zentangle art presented here is created using four L tangle patterns-Laced, Leaflet, Lokomotive and LUV-A. The video gives hand holding demonstration of using these patterns.

While Laced has a potential to dramatic 3D effect with a large scope of white space, LUV-A can fill any space being an organic pattern. It also produces random  black and white balance making the space magical. Lokomotive provides rhythm where as Leaflet creates 3D effect. Over all, all these patterns are interesting and effective to create Zentangle art.

The L video

And now some zen...

Love unites all universally. No boundaries of geographic nature, nor psychological kind can prevent love from casting its magic. The problem is, for love to find its place in one's action, it has to cross the hurdles of ego, excessive desires, anger, selfishness, greed or envy. Practicing meditation is said to be driving one towards overcoming the above mentioned hurdles. And since practicing Zentangle  is credited to create a meditative state of mind, it would be reasonable to say that practicing zentangle would create more love in the nature of the tanglers.

Life is either governed by Love, or Fear, or by the combination of the two. Thus enhancing love would enhance the life! And what could be more liberating situation than the love enhancing life??

Happy tangling,


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