Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Small (class) is Beautiful

13th December, 2015, Bangalore.

The workshop had balanced representation of both genders! Two each.

Usha Pk, a home maker, says in her feedback,

" Enjoyed the workshop. Would love to come back for another one.Learning never ends. Thanks a lot for yummy food ma'am. Thanks a lot Dilip and ma'am for every thing"

Krishna Mohan, a Civil Engineer found it as 'an excellent course' and wanted to have a formal prayer/meditation added...

Deepak Tiwari says, " Session was awesome and it was a great learning experience"

And Urvashi Bakhru, a health care professional summed up her feed back saying,

" Excellent learning with the teachers.Absolutely fun art, lot to learn in the coming days! And the food was fantastic"

Though a small group (last minute drop outs were rather high), it was a very satisfying  experience. Truly, small is beautiful!

Here are their 12 tiles-

Engrossed in tangling!

Pride of Creation!


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