Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Zentangle® at Mentor Conclave, 2015

2nd December, 2015 

A new experiment. I had a great opportunity of introducing Zentangle® method to nearly 200 school principals and educators from across the country at an annual program called Mentor Conclave, at Bangalore, organised by an exclusive magazine for principals called Mentor. The two day event attracted over 300 registrants. The title was 'Zentangle in Education; Education in Zentangle'

The challenge was to make an effective presentation within 20 minutes!

I decided to even add a small experiential process.

We created 6 tiles with different tangle patterns used but left one segment blank in all the tiles. Got them printed out on card thickness board. We distributed one tile each to every participant along with a black ink pen.

After introducing the concept and benefits, we made every one in the audience to complete the tile by filling up the blank space with Tipples.

They all experienced silence, concentration and no other thoughts! I rested my case! A huge interest was generated, if I have to go by the questions they all put up. We have to wait and see how many of them invite us to teach Zentangle their teachers and students in coming days.

I must admit, though, that 20 minutes was too short. I had to over run my time by about 5-7 minutes.

Here are some visuals.

Listening with rapt attention

The pre-drawn tiles with one space left blank

Participants engrossed in completing the tiles with Tipples

Completed tiles they all took home.
And at the end I would like to leave you with the following link which gives out 7 reasons why you must learn Zentangle..

D I L I P, CZT09

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