Sunday, 6 November 2016

ABC of Zentangle O video 1

Here is our new video, in continuation of the series 'ABC of Zentangle', on 'O' tangles Organic (by Sayantika Ray), Orbs-La-Dee (by Anneke van Dam), Oke (by Michele Beauchamp) and Ovy (by Adam Roades)

Do write back how did you like it.


Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Black and White


That is the theme for this week's challenge by Diva.

Here are 3 of my responses..

Hope you enjoyed them.


PS: Have you checked out our latest video demonstrating 5 'N' tangle patterns ? Here it is-

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Diva 290

N-Zeppel and Flux, Duotangles

Diva's challenge no.290 is to create a Zentangle art using the two tangle patterns - N-Zeppel and Flux.

Here is my response..



PS: In my video series "ABC of Zentangle", the 'N' video on Youtube demonstrates drawing, among other patterns the ever green N-Zeppel. 
You may like to watch it.

And if you liked it, you may like to subscribe to my channel and watch the entire series with already demonstrated 60+ tangle patterns so far..

T H A N K    Y O U

D I L I P   P A T E L  CZT 09

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Relax bro!

Diva's challenge no. 285 

I thought all Zentangle processes by definition are meditative!

Here is what I did last night..did not know how it went on beyond mid night!

Hope you like it and feel relaxed!


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Zentangle..on the go!

Zentangle on the bus.

Last week I was travelling in Switzerland. I had taken a sight seeing day trip in Zurich. And I took out my blank tile and micron pen to put them together on every small stop of the bus.

A young boy, travelling with his parents, sat next to me and started admiring the Zentangle art that was emerging on the tile. He said he was from Kerala, India, but currently living in Kuwait, and that they were on a holiday in Switzerland... and then he asked for the art which was taking shape.

I thought for a while, have I completed it? Should I give it off to this stranger boy?

And then the thought came- the Zentangle art is complete when you drop the pen. And art belongs to its appreciator.

I simply signed it and handed over to him, but not before I took a picture of it, as well as its recipient.

And look at this, Diva is asking for Zentangles done on the go for her challenge no. 276. What a coincidence! So here is my response..

And then after two days I was on the flight back to India. After watching Jungle Book on the in-flight entertainment screen my hand reached my pocket and came out another blank tile and my micron pen. But I will post it on my another blog, after finding it out from my travel bags...


Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Diva 270

SKYE by Margaret Bremner

Here is my response to the Diva's challenge no. 270

Hope you like it.


Monday, 16 May 2016

Diva 268

A bit of more black..

I am returning to Diva's challenges after a while.

Here is my response to the challenge no. 268

I hope you like it.

And let me give a gift here to all the visitors, my latest video
ABC of Zentangle...M



Sunday, 15 May 2016

The summer of 2016

The months of April and May, 2016

presented hectic activities in the Zentangle arena in my city, Bangalore.

  • An English News TV Channel covered our Zentangle 101 workshop and aired a 9 minute clip. The trainees included a few school kids (holiday season!), young design students, working and non working young ladies, an IT professional Global head, a retired researcher doctorate and a cancer survivor! What a diversified group! Here is the TV show clip which tells all...
Here are the creators and their creations...

  • And then we released the next link in the series ABC of Zentangle...M video. Here it is for your ready reference. We have reached the mid point in the series. 13 videos released so far, from A to M demonstrates over 50 tangle patterns. You may like to subscribe to my channel. Thank you. 

  • The next workshop:
Here is the diversified group which includes a mother-daughter duo, a husband-wife couple, and all other young ladies from divers fields..

And here are their creations-

  • And there are some small group engagements at our home:

And the month of May is not yet over...

Stay tuned


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Zentangle® Awareness in a University

Avinashi Lingam University for Women, Coimbatore, India

March 15, 2016 saw us addressing nearly 200 Under grad and Post grad students of the department of Psychology, thanks to a young bright teacher there, Divya, and her astute HOD Dr Rohini.

Divya was a Post Graduate student of Psychology two years ago in Bangalore, and she was working on a project to counsel trafficking rescued young women. She had also come across Zentangle a few months ago in an exhibition where we had put up a stall exposing Zentangle in Bangalore for the first time! So, she had invited us to try if Zentangle method would work with the rescued women.

And it had worked! The women under depression had brightened up within an hour of teaching them some patterns, and when we revisited them after two days, more than half a dozen of them came running toward us to show their several pages full of Zentangle art work! 
Dr Krishna Kumar trying out the Zentangle method
Perhaps this was the reason why Divya thought of inviting us to her University where she had taken up the job of being an Asst Professor of Psychology. She wanted to expose all her students to the healing powers of Zentangle. Her HOD, Dr Rohini saw some meaning and supported the project. Dr Krishna Kumar, the Chancellor of the University and a very prominent and highly respected leading light of Coimbatore (an Industrial hub in south India) instantly liked the idea, and he further extended it by suggesting to have a public talk for the citizens of Coimbatore in the evening!

The result was the attendance of 67 citizens in the evening, and the talk on zentangle as a meditation tool endeared them all.

The Citizens busy attempting Zentangle art!
16th March, 2016 .

The next day we had the regular workshop for the students and professors of the University, and a fresh lot of specialist (psychologists)  tanglers was born in yet another city of India!

Interesting part of the interactions with these students of psychology was their questions. Can zentangle patterns, the way the tangler draws them reveal part of his/her personality? Can Zentangle be a tool to diagnose mental health conditions? And many more...

First assisted Zentangle tile by the participants
Students and Professors, both on the same side-being students of Zentangle!

The first independent Zentangle tile by the participants
We thoroughly enjoyed our two days


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mumbai Workshop 3

After a gap of nearly 30 months...

I had an opportunity to quickly organize my 3rd appearance in Mumbai. Thanks to a clarion call by 69 years old Mrs Noronha.

Mrs Noronha
 She had sent me a message on my social media page -

Sir, I am Mrs. Noronha--- I live in Mumbai... Andheri ( E )......I am 69+... My husband went to his heavenly abode last year and want to use this art form to keep my mind busy.....would like to know if and when you will have a Zentangle workshop in Mumbai. ?... Thank you in anticipation, awaiting your reply.....

I had to respond. Even if it was only for her, I thought I must do it. Fortunately a few more were also waiting for a Z workshop to happen in Mumbai, and my brother (from the US) was to visit Mumbai to see my uncle. And added to this, my student, Shraddha Vora, a psychologist in Mumbai called me for tiles and I casually mentioned about the prospects of the workshop when she instantly offered her home as a venue...All powers join to make an event happen.
Mrs Noronha is a humor loving lady, and quickly adapted to the tangling process. The others to join were Divya from Middle East and visiting Mumbai then, Zankhna and Sarika, Mumbai-ites and Dr Mukesh, a psychiatrist from USA.

Dr Mukesh, Divya, Zankhna and Sarika at work
The five created their first zentangle tile as they learnt about the philosophy of Zentangle and a few tangle patterns along with the details of the Zentangle method.

 And here are they all in a group picture with me...

Mrs Noronha and Sarika also decided to have our postal tutorial series which further helps the pupils to learn new patterns and get tips on enhancers to their work.

Finally, my sincere thanks to Shraddha and Meghna (who silently helped in the background) along with all the five participants. And of course, may Mrs Noronha get busy with tangling, and come out of the vacuum created by Mr Noronha's absence.. 



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