Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Mumbai Workshop 3

After a gap of nearly 30 months...

I had an opportunity to quickly organize my 3rd appearance in Mumbai. Thanks to a clarion call by 69 years old Mrs Noronha.

Mrs Noronha
 She had sent me a message on my social media page -

Sir, I am Mrs. Noronha--- I live in Mumbai... Andheri ( E )......I am 69+... My husband went to his heavenly abode last year and want to use this art form to keep my mind busy.....would like to know if and when you will have a Zentangle workshop in Mumbai. ?... Thank you in anticipation, awaiting your reply.....

I had to respond. Even if it was only for her, I thought I must do it. Fortunately a few more were also waiting for a Z workshop to happen in Mumbai, and my brother (from the US) was to visit Mumbai to see my uncle. And added to this, my student, Shraddha Vora, a psychologist in Mumbai called me for tiles and I casually mentioned about the prospects of the workshop when she instantly offered her home as a venue...All powers join to make an event happen.
Mrs Noronha is a humor loving lady, and quickly adapted to the tangling process. The others to join were Divya from Middle East and visiting Mumbai then, Zankhna and Sarika, Mumbai-ites and Dr Mukesh, a psychiatrist from USA.

Dr Mukesh, Divya, Zankhna and Sarika at work
The five created their first zentangle tile as they learnt about the philosophy of Zentangle and a few tangle patterns along with the details of the Zentangle method.

 And here are they all in a group picture with me...

Mrs Noronha and Sarika also decided to have our postal tutorial series which further helps the pupils to learn new patterns and get tips on enhancers to their work.

Finally, my sincere thanks to Shraddha and Meghna (who silently helped in the background) along with all the five participants. And of course, may Mrs Noronha get busy with tangling, and come out of the vacuum created by Mr Noronha's absence.. 


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