Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Zentangle..on the go!

Zentangle on the bus.

Last week I was travelling in Switzerland. I had taken a sight seeing day trip in Zurich. And I took out my blank tile and micron pen to put them together on every small stop of the bus.

A young boy, travelling with his parents, sat next to me and started admiring the Zentangle art that was emerging on the tile. He said he was from Kerala, India, but currently living in Kuwait, and that they were on a holiday in Switzerland... and then he asked for the art which was taking shape.

I thought for a while, have I completed it? Should I give it off to this stranger boy?

And then the thought came- the Zentangle art is complete when you drop the pen. And art belongs to its appreciator.

I simply signed it and handed over to him, but not before I took a picture of it, as well as its recipient.

And look at this, Diva is asking for Zentangles done on the go for her challenge no. 276. What a coincidence! So here is my response..

And then after two days I was on the flight back to India. After watching Jungle Book on the in-flight entertainment screen my hand reached my pocket and came out another blank tile and my micron pen. But I will post it on my another blog, www.thingsoftenspeaktome.blogspot.com. after finding it out from my travel bags...



  1. Brilliant tile, so much tangling is going on in the air!!

  2. What a wonderful tile and a wonderful gesture on your part! Nicely done Dilip, I'm sure that the young boy appreciated that tile more than you will ever know

  3. I like the tile and LOVE the story behind it.

  4. Very nice. Love the story behind it.

  5. I like the ants. They go very well with the tangles-on-the-move challenge.

  6. What a kind thing to do. I hope he treasures it forever, I would.

  7. I love this story, what a nice thing to do especially after you take a photo.

  8. Beautiful tile and such a lovely gesture;-)

  9. I like the ants marching along the edge there...and your tile is LITERALLY traveling! all the way back to India. Love it!

  10. What a lovely tale of serendipity---the stars aligning on your Zentangle journey.


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