Sunday, 25 March 2018

Last Drop

T H E    L A S T    D  R O  P. . . . .

I had written this poem some 40 odd years ago. The context, if explained, may help in appreciating the content. The country was reeling under an Emergency rule, and the over zealous family planning program was on in some parts of the country. Under such a background, an eighth child arrives in a family.....Read on.
Self imposed austerity
demanded sacrifice.
I did not mind,
though reluctantly, for
the brats you begot
and could not feed.

it was too much
when you brought in
the eighth heir
to your poverty last week,
in your fifties....
I can not remain silent.

A neighbour had whispered,
and now,
I gathered courage
to ask you,
"Haven't you finished
your last drop, yet, Dad?"

D I L I P   P A T E L 
PS: The Zentangle tile above is an attempt to illustrate the last drop. 
Hope you liked it.


  1. Powerful words and the tile is a wonderful visual. Thank you for sharing

  2. wow, I like it. The poem fits the context, and the tile illustrates it very well. I especially like the little spiral of DNA there. neat!


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